Cracking any exam needs plan to proceed. It becomes more obvious when a student works and studies. Keeping student 10hrs bank duty in mind, our expert provides study plan to our each enrolled student after discussion with his flexibility of timing.

Most of the aspirants of JAIIB & CAIIB exam follow a non-systematic study routine; they start their preparations just one month or 15 days before the schedule exam, however, this technique leads them to multiple attempts.

We provide a strategically prepared systematic study plan to our each enrolled student so that student can crack this exam in one shot. Every enrolled student of our institute is mapped to one of Student Relationship Manager (SRM). The Student Relationship Manager takes care of student performance and provides feedback to them, they follow up with student who missed any weekend assignment,  ask him to complete the activity as soon as possible.

Since JAIIB & CAIIB are different kinds of exams,  also the examinee is an employee who works for 9-11 hrs. who generally can not give much time to his preparation for this exam as compare to full time student, We have come out with a solution in which student can not be distracted very frequently  and  he can study on routine basis.  Here, Student Relationship Manager’s role comes into picture,  Here Student Relationship Manager follows ups with student regularly about student’s preparations and weekly  performance as per study plan given to him.  This weekly discussion between student and Student Relationship Manager, keeps student to be stick on his routine study. Student Relationship Manager’s follow ups works as push factor and it becomes obligation to student to be stick on a systematic and routine study.

Our enrolled student also gets two way communications; he/she can interact with our experts and classroom faculty. Here student can discuss any query related to JAIIB & CAIIB exam, if a student stuck in any question they can ask for explanation or raise his/her query accordingly, our experts get back to that student within 24 hrs.