JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) is one of the best career growth opportunities that a banker should grab as early as possible for merit-based promotion. IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) conducts this examination every year to test the skills and knowledge of bank employees in the banking sector.

It is always better to crack the exam at the first attempt as balancing the banking hours with the exam preparation can make your schedule congested and exhausting. However, many aspirants make more than one attempt to crack the exam and most of them have common excuses saying that the exam paper was tough.

Being a professional examination for promotion, the question paper is surely meant to test the skills of the employees which mean it should be reasonably tough to filter out the real talents. This means it’s all about your quality of preparation, your time management skills, and preparation strategy to grasp as much knowledge as possible from the topics mentioned in the syllabus.

Even in such a scenario, many candidates feel the question paper is tough or high grade. The reason for such results is probably some mistakes that you make while preparing which should be avoided if you want to score better in the examination.
Some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for the JAIIB examination are

1. Being unable to maintain proper work-life balance

To prepare for JAIIB and to complete the topics in the syllabus provided by IIBF, you need to have proper timing allotted every day other than your busy banking hours. Thus a proper study companion like Myonlineprep is highly essential for a JAIIB aspirant to maintain a good balance between your studies and office work. Easy to access PDF study materials and video lessons from the JAIIB app can help you study anywhere in your leisure time from your Smartphone or laptop.

2. Not following the study plan

It is a well-known fact that all three subjects of JAIIB, namely AFB, PPB, and LRB possess quite a lengthy syllabus with a good number of topics in it. Therefore, studying some random books of your wish and solving some random test questions won’t help you accelerate your quality of preparation.
A proper study plan accompanied by an effective strategy to complete as well as practice all the topics from the syllabus is highly essential. Myonlineprep can provide the most suitable and favourable study plan that can be highly productive.

3. Not knowing what to start with

One of the most confusing aspects that keeps the students back in the time of preparation is not knowing what should be prepared first. Before starting the preparation, one should go through the exam pattern as notified by IIBF.
This gives a clear-cut view of how you should refer to the topics in the syllabus and gain knowledge about every single topic in the syllabus. Your preparation will be productive only when you start efficiently. Experienced faculty members from Myonlineprep can help you in this case for a better start.

4. Wasting too much time surfing through social media

Consistency is the key factor in preparing for such flagship courses if you want to not only accomplish the topics from the syllabus but also want to gain in-depth knowledge on every single of them. You should be regular to video lessons or classrooms besides referring the study materials and going through the tests in the application.
Surfing through social media can waste a lot of your time without even noticing just like any other addiction. The best way to be consistent in your preparation and avoid using social media is to either keep the social media applications in mute or to switch on DND while preparing. Instead of messaging, you can just call your friends to wrap up any conversation faster. Most smartphones use focus mode too which is best in preparation for such examinations.

5. Referring to unauthentic mock tests, study materials, and books

You should avoid the unauthentic books that are found in tons in the market in a compelling price range. These can’t help you to either score better or learn concepts in a better way. Only the authentic study materials that are certified to be the most effective ones for JAIIB aspirants should be preferred.
Preferring the materials from Myonlineprep is surely the best choice. It is also the best preference for mock tests that are referred before two or three weeks before the examination date as only the most experienced faculty members craft the questions based on the upcoming JAIIB examination.
6. Referring to too many books: - Referring to too many random books that have JAIIB on it is also the biggest flaw of JAIIB preparation that most of the aspirants make. JAIIB exams require a lot of practice while preparing for theoretical concepts. Referring to the same concepts from many books at a time may drain your time faster with zero benefits. Instead, you should attempt as many mock tests and practise test questions that are available on renowned educational platforms like Myonlineprep.

7. Not analyzing your progress

Practice tests are the best means to analyze your progress in preparation and to ensure perfection in the topics from the syllabus. if you won’t go through the practice test questions then you will surely remain limited with your theoretical knowledge from books. Go through the practice test section to get tons of important questions.

8. Not attempting mock tests

JAIIB Mock tests play a major role in enhancing the time management skills and understanding skills of the aspirants. A minimum of three weeks before the date of examination should be allotted for the overall mock test from the syllabus while tests for every chapter present in a subject can ensure covering all important topics that have the most chance to be present in the examination this year. Myonlineprep provides an advanced range of mock tests for both chapter-wise and subject-wise preparation as well.

9. Waiting for the official notification to start your preparation

If you are strongly determined to crack the exam this year at any cost then it is never late to start your preparation. Starting your preparation earlier can keep you a step ahead of the competition and help you complete the syllabus earlier and can provide extra time to revise, practice, and attempt the mock test as well.
10. Lacking proper resources to clarify your doubts: - Most aspirants keep their doubts in their mind until the exam date arrives and thus resulting in skipping those questions related to those specific topics. With Myonlineprep you can interact directly with the senior-most banking experts to clarify any kind of doubts on any subject.