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Myonlineprep always offers a perfectly customized study plan for the JAIIB exam to help the student in their JAIIB preparation. The exam JAIIB exam dates have already been announced for May 2021 which is going to be commenced from 2nd May 2021 to 16th May 2021. So, roughly you have 3 months in hand to cover the entire syllabus of the JAIIB exam. Technically, it is very difficult to cover each and every chapter thoroughly within this span of time without having a proper study plan.

Myonlineprep is always committed to helping JAIIB aspirants. Thousands of students have already cracked their JAIIB exams by just following our study plan. It will an effective way to navigate the preparation within the stipulated timeline. The study plan is designed in such a manner that anyone can track his preparedness chapter wise and date wise.

JAIIB Examination Dates 2021

Examination Dates



Principles & Practices of Banking


Accounting & Finance for Bankers


Legal & Regulatory Aspects for Banking

Here's a highlight of how it will be essential for your JAIIB preparation.

The Essential Role of Myonlineprep’s Study Plan for JAIIB Exam May 2021

  1. Optimized Learning Path – Our program is a 12 weeks program where the aspirants are required to just focus 3-4 hours a day. It can give a nearly 80% better learning approach than self-preparation because the latter lacks in boosting confidence and wastage of time.
  2. In-depth Revision - An opportunity to practice and revise according to your pace and convenience is the remarkable part of this study plan. When exams are approaching and time is short, this plan will let you revise your syllabus deeply that will surely help in attempting the exam with confidence and cracking it too.
  3. Super Reasonable Plan - There are mock tests scheduled in this plan from 27th April 2021 to 1st May 2021 that will help gain the knowledge for ensuring speed and accuracy and the whole of the plan is at the most affordable price.
  4. Trace Your Performance - With the study plan, you will be capable of self-evaluating your performance and measuring progress on daily basis.

12 Weeks JAIIB Study Plan (May 2021)


  1. Once you make a study plan, stick to it, irrespective of the initial temptations and difficulties. Initially, the effort may look Herculean, but the rewards of having a study plan are rich, varied, and really long-lasting.
  2. Avoid careless attitude and focus on your target
  3. Seek advice and help wherever required (Myonlineprep is always there for your help).
  4. Last but not least no study plan can be successful if it is not followed and executed sincerely.

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