Be 10x Productive In Your Preparation With New Study Plan

And John messed up all in the middle of his Preparation.

He started with enthusiasm but couldn't continue with the same energy and ended up not even completing his syllabus before the exam.


Is there a need to tell what he was lacking?

An effective Study Plan Obviously!


You are excited to start your Preparation for JAIIB November 2022

But what if you also end up messing in between?


Don't be like John! Be Smart!

Have an effective study plan from Day 1 of your Preparation. Myonlineprep's 90 Days Study Plan is loved by all the students preparing for JAIIB. If you are aspiring for the November 22 JAIIB Exam, it's time to get serious about the Preparation.




Why is the JAIIB Plan a perfect choice for you?

Optimized Learning Path: We have scheduled a 90 days routine to cover the entire syllabus where the aspirants are required to just focus 3-4 hours a day. It can give a nearly 80% better learning approach than self-preparation because the latter lacks in boosting confidence and wastage of time.


In-depth Revision: A remarkable part of this study plan is an opportunity to practice and revise according to your pace and convenience. When exams are approaching and time is short, this plan will let you revise your syllabus deeply, which will help you attempt the exam confidently and crack it.


Super Reasonable Plan:  There are full-length mock tests and chapter-wise mock tests scheduled in this plan at the end of the preparation of each book that will help gain the knowledge for ensuring speed and accuracy and the whole of the plan is at the most affordable price.


Trace Your Performance:  With the JAIIB study plan, you will be capable of self-evaluating your performance and measuring progress on a daily basis.


All you need to do is stick to this effective, smooth and flexible study plan and you will see the word 'PASS' shining on your screen as soon as you enter your roll number on the IIBF website on the result day.


Don't decrease the chances of clearing the exam by delaying the start of the Preparation.

 Get your weapon to appear in the battle of JAIIB here!