Advantages of JAIIB and CAIIB online preparation

If you are starting your preparation for the JAIIB and CAIIB exams this year, you are at the perfect place. Both of them are flagship courses of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. The institute has earned fame for professional excellence in the fields of finance and banking. The exams are conducted twice a year. Various subject matters are included in the courses, for instance, the current practices and latest circulars followed by the banks. But everything aside, why should you be indulging in online preparation when offline preparation has always been the norm.

While JAIIB stands for Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking, CAIIB stands for Chartered Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking. The JAIIB is the course that will let you have the maximum basic knowledge in legal aspects, customer relations, banking technology, basic accountancy and banking and financial systems. On the other hand, the CAIIB aims at offering advanced knowledge in these fields, allowing individuals to take better decisions that cover risk and better general and financial bank management. But, what does this have to do with online preparations? Well, let us take a look.

What are the advantages of online preparation?

Before you decide to go for offline preparations, you should see how online preparations can help you be better equipped for the upcoming exams.

  1. Since these banking exams are among the top exams that recognize the potential of the bankers, it is not something that you can breeze through. You would need regular practice and be very familiar with the concepts. Along with this, you need to be familiar with the latest circulars and current practices being practised in banking. This means there are chances that the offline study materials do not contain all the updated information that you need to know.
  2. If you study through online modes, you are sure to cover the entire syllabus. There is hardly any chance that you will miss things out. The entire syllabus would be laid out before you in a tabulated manner. This lowers the chances of you missing something out. On top of that, if you feel you are missing out on something, you would have access to more than a single source. On top of that, you can actually get the materials for free. That is definitely not the case with offline text materials. You would need to spend quite a lot of money to collect the materials.
  3. You would get a chance to compete with other students in the mock tests. This would give you a first-hand idea of where you stand. This means you would get enough exposure to the exams that would be approaching shortly. The online mock tests are based on the latest exam patterns and syllabus. The exams have timers, a marking system similar to the exams, test guidelines and all the sections that you would have in the original exams. This means you would not be dealing with any unpleasant surprise in the examination hall. You would even get a detailed analysis of how you have been performing.
  4. After all this online preparation, you would be very capable in terms of time management. Your speed and accuracy would improve as well. This, coupled with the knowledge you have on the subject matter, will help you to steamroll the exams. Even if you get stuck somewhere during the papers, you would be able to handle the situation with enough practice.

All these factors make online preparation a boon for the candidates. This is why online preparations can often prove to be more beneficial than offline study materials.


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