If you are willing to start your preparations for the famous JAIIB exam and you are worried about things like:

  • Where to start from
  • When to start from
  • What strategy to be followed
  • What formulae to be learnt
  • Which books to be read
  • How much time to devote

then this article is surely for you. This article has been compiled after a deep conversation with the aspiring candidates. The candidates shared their strategies, planning, their problems and suggestions. The article is thus based on these facts and suggestions.

When and from where to start?

Well, this is the first and the foremost question asked by everyone. If you are willing to prepare for the JAIIB examinations, then start your preparations one year before the exams. Four months of preparation is more than enough for you to pass this exam with flying colours.

Coming on the area as to where to start from. The most preferable advice is to start by reading the syllabus. It is necessary to know and understand what is the demand for this exam. Preparing without knowing the syllabus of the exam is nothing different from shooting an arrow in the dark. Both the activities will fetch you the same result- failure. And in seconds, all your hard work will go in vain. So be wise and first understand the entire syllabus of the exam. You can get the JAIIB syllabus on Myonlineprep. You can also visit the IIBF site and directly download the syllabus.

The next step is to start your preparations according to the syllabus. Once, you have understood the sections that will be coming in the examination, start preparing each section separately by giving appropriate time to all of them. Start from the conceptual things. Try to understand the basics. Give proper time to understanding and then practising the basic concepts. You can only solve the questions if you have proper conceptual clarity. None of the questions is tough in the exam. It is just that they are tricky. That is the reason why a thorough understanding of the concepts is a must-to-do task. It is a warm-up for the actual preparation. You may say that it is 'preparation of the preparation'.

You can get the concepts of every section in a detailed and systematic form on the website of Basic concepts from Myonlineprep for JAIIB will be the best platform where you will get all the concepts in one place.

So, this was all how a beginner should start doing if he or she is willing not only to appear for this exam but also to top the exam with flying colours. Let us quickly go through the tips a beginner should follow for the JAIIB exam in a summarised form.

Beginners guide - A summary

  • Start 4 to 3 months prior to the date of the examination.
  • Download the syllabus and go through it to understand what is the demand of the paper.
  • Plan a strategy and start working according to it. Myonlineprep provides you with a routine-based Study Plan that will give you to plan your strategy
  • Make the basic concepts clear regarding each and every section.
  • Practice chapter-wise probable questions and analyse them many times by doing this you will not forget the concept until your actual JAIIB exam
  • Give 3-4 full-length mock tests after practising on chapter-wise mock tests. This will help you to get an idea of where you are going to be landed in the actual JAIIB exam, accordingly you revise your preparations.

So, all the best candidates. Stay in touch for more updates regarding JAIIB as well as CAIIB exams. Thank you!!