Benefits of Passing JAIIB & CAIIB

The benefits of passing JAIIB & CAIIB are huge. We can figure out in terms of monetary benefit & non-monetary benefit.

Monetary benefit

As per Indian Bank Association settlement guidelines, any permanent bank employee who is from PSUs (one of the member of IBA) is eligible to get salary increments after passing JAIIB & CAIIB exams. There are two types of entitlement of increments

In case of Clerk Grade:

After passing JAIIB - 1 increment in salary

After passing CAIIB - 2 increments in salary

For example,

If clerical employee whose pay band is as follow:


(Please understand, here the initial basic pay is Rs. 11,765 with an annual increment of Rs. 655 upto the time the Basic pay reaches to Rs. 13,730. Then the annual increment will be Rs. 815 till the basic pay reaches Rs. 16,750 and so and so forth.)

After passing JAIIB exam pay structure of a bank clerk:

Rs. 11765 - (655 x 3) - 13730 - (815 x 3) - 16175 - (980 x 4)(as per 10th BPS)

His basic pay is 11765/-, then after passing JAIIB exam, he will be entitled to get one increment in his basic salary:

Rs 11765 + Rs 655= Rs 12420 /-

After passing CAIIB exam pay structure of a bank clerk:

Rs 11765 + Rs 655 x 3 (increments) = Rs 13730 /- (Basic)

In case of Officer Grade:

After passing JAIIB - 1 increment in salary

After passing CAIIB - 1 increment in salary

Non-monetary benefit

After passing JAIIB, you will be well verged with the basic knowledge in banking and financial services, banking technology, customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations.

While CAIIB certification will provide you advanced knowledge which is necessary for better decision making in the field of Treasury Management, Risk Management, Balance Sheet Management, Credit Management, International Banking, Economic Analysis etc.

These certifications will help you in getting internal promotion too.