Bihar Public Service Commision Examination is conducted to get posted in 20 prestigious government posts in the state of Bihar. It is divided into three stages :Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Candidates need to qualify all the three stages to get posted. 

In the preparation of BPSC, selection of right books plays a very important role to boost your preparation. It is important for students to get stuck on a few books that help in building the knowledge rather than shifting from book to book.

In this article, Myonlineprep has brought the list of best books for various subjects to make your decision easy. These books are highly suggested by past toppers.

Books for Indian History and Culture



History of Medieval India

Satish Chandra

History of Modern India

Bipin Chandra

Indian Art and Culture

Nitin Singhania

The Wonder that was India

A.L. Bhasham

India’s struggle for Independence

Bipin Chandra

India’s Ancient Past

R.S. Sharma

A brief History of Modern India


Books for Geography





World and Physical Geography

D.R. Khullar

Geography of India

Majid Husaain

World Geography

Majid Hussain

Students must refer to atlas for the knowledge of map locations. Books listed above are to acquire theoretical knowledge.

Books for Indian Polity and Constitution



Indian Polity for Civil Service Examinations


Introduction to Constitution of India

D.D. Basu

Books for Indian Economy



Indian Economy, Performances and Policies

Uma Kapila

Indian Economy

Ramesh Singh

Indian Economy

Mishra and Puri

Books for Science and Technology

For General Science, NCERT (from class 6 to 12) is enough. General Questions are asked from general science. Students don't need to have specialization in the subject. 

Books for Environment



Environment for Civil Service Examinations


Books for Current Affairs

For Current Affairs, aspirants need to refer to magazines and newspapers.

Some of the best sources for current affairs are:

  1. Indian yearbook
  2. Yojana Magazine
  3. Kurukshetra Magazine
  4. Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine
  5. Economic and Political Weekly
  6. Science reporter
  7. The Hindu
  8. The Indian Express
  9. Any Local Bihar newspaper for current state affairs
  10. RSTV
  11. Press Information Bureau

Other Important Resources

1. Handmade Notes: Organized notes of all the topics at one place are very important for students. Books are necessary for detailed explanations but your handmade notes are good to go for quick revisions. Making notes by yourself helps you retain the concepts for a long time.

2. Previous Year Question Papers: Previous Year Question Papers are very important to analyze trends and check the paper pattern. It helps you to understand the weightage of different topics. Students must solve past year question papers before appearing for exams after completion of syllabus.

3. Newspapers: Newspapers are part of life for the students preparing for civil services. Civil Service Aspirants should not bear the risk of missing out on current affairs. Select any one newspaper and develop the habit of reading newspapers daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are NCERT books for the preparation of General Science, Hindi and Mathematics for BPSC?

Ans. Yes, NCERT books (Class 6 to 12) are enough for the preparation of General Science , Hindi and Mathematics in BPSC.

2. What is the best book for Quantitative Aptitude in BPSC Preparation?

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma

Quantitative Aptitude by Rakesh Yadav

3. From how many books should I study for BPSC Preparation?

Ans. Number of books is not important. However, the quality of books is important. Studying from 3 to 4 good resources is enough for students to prepare for BPSC.