Sunday Shocker on May 8th 2022!!!! Bihar Public Service Commission examination paper leaked

As the nation was in a relaxing mood on a summer Sunday, a news item sent shockwaves across the country. The Bihar Public Service Commission announced the cancellation of the examination due to an alleged paper leak.

Why is this a major issue?

The BPSC examination is a doorway to powerful and prestigious jobs in important Government departments. The best candidates passing the BPSC Examination are potential Deputy Superintendent of Police, Assistant Commissioner of State Taxes, District Planning officers, etc. Over six lakh top candidates were geared up to appear for this very important examination.

It quickly went political

The Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar claimed that the Government had taken immediate action. He also added that it was being checked where and how the paper was leaked, an inquiry has been initiated and a police investigation is also in progress. The opposition leader, Tejashwi Prasad, tweeted that the name of the BPSC should be changed to Bihar Lok Paper Leak Ayog. He also alleged that the lives of crores of youth were being played with. Other leaders of the opposition joined him in the verbal and social media onslaught.

How did it all start?

The incident that set the ball rolling took place at Kunwar Singh University at Arrah. A huge ruckus broke out at the examination center as students alleged that a certain number of the examinees were using cell phones during the Bihar Public Service Commission Examination. The examination was scheduled for Sunday, May 8th, 2022 but the paper allegedly also went viral. The Bhojpur District Magistrate, Roshan Kushwaha, was among the first to give a reaction. He stated that there were some issues with the Bihar Public Service Commission. The particular candidates who had an issue could file a written complaint which would be compiled and sent to the Bihar Public Service Commission. He also added that the final decision would be taken by the commission.

However, things went too far as the examination paper was available when the examination was taking place

The official Bihar Public Service Commission statement mentioned that the 67th Prelim Competitive Examination for the BPSC to be conducted at 1,083 centers was officially canceled.

The cyber cell of the Bihar Police has been brought into action. The Chairman of the Bihar Public Service Commission chairman, RK Mahajan, has also constituted an inquiry committee to find the culprits after the question papers went viral on social media when the examination was being conducted. A high-level panel has also been given 24 hours to submit its first report. However, the panel submitted its report earlier and the Bihar Public Service Commission announced an official cancellation.