What is CAIIB?

Certified Associate of Indian Institute of bakers is the full form of CAIIB. IIBF Indian institute of banking and finance conduct this examination two times in the year. the IIBF is established in the year 1928 and currently, the IIBF comprises more than seven hundred financial institutes and banks.

CAIIB is one of the most premium exam conducted by the IIBF, one can go for this exam after qualifying the JAIIB examination. The primary reason for this examination is to get the best from the officers and workers who are already a part of the finance and banking sector. For checking general banking management and advanced methods of decision making this exam is conducted. In this exam, candidates get the opportunity to choose one optional exam and two exams are compulsory. This examination is conducted in the offline mode only and is the primary tool of IIBF to provide advanced skills and knowledge related to decision making general bank management and risk management to the existing employees of and banking and finance field.

In the banking industry, the CAIIB qualifications are widely recognized. The candidates for this exam mainly consist of employees of SIDBI, RBI, NABARD regional rural banks, commercial banks and the cooperative banks etc.  Benefits of qualifying these exams include an incentive, promotion, and increment. For exam preparation, Myonlineprep is an ideal CAIIB online coaching.

What is the Syllabus and Topics for the JAIIB Exam?

There are three subjects in the CAIIB examination and out of these three two papers are compulsory and the third one is an elective optional subject. For the optional subject, the IIBF has stipulated eleven different subjects and the candidates are required to choose one out of all these.

 CAIIB Compulsory Papers

  • Bank Financial Management

  • Advanced Bank Management

CAIIB Elective Papers

  • Central banking

  • Corporate banking

  • Retail banking

  • International banking

  • Co-operative banking

  • Treasury management

  • Risk management

  • Financial advising

  • Information technology

  • Rural Banking 

  • Human resources management 

Passing criteria for the CAIIB examination

Pass: minimum required marks for passing each subject is fifty out of the 100 marks. if an aspirant gets less than fifty marks in any subject but his aggregate score is more than fifty percent then that candidate will be declared passed by the IIBF.

First Class: A candidate gets the first class grade if he gets more than sixty percent marks in all of the three subjects aggregate and qualifies all of these subjects in the first attempt.

First class with distinction: More than sixty percent marks in all of the subjects and more than seventy percent marks in aggregate.

A candidate will get the objective multiple choice questions in the CAIIB examination. Here is a list of types of question asked in the CAIIB examination.

  • Knowledge testing
  • Logical and analytical exposition
  • Problem-solving
  • Conceptual grasp
  • Case study

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Here are the lists of syllabus of all the different subjects covered in the CAIIB exams

 Advanced Bank Management Syllabus

  • Interest rates
  • Market trends
  • Economic analysis
  • Association between monetary and fiscal measures
  • Role of banking and money in the economy
  • Micro and macroeconomics
  • Sampling methods
  • Business mathematics
  • Basic statistics
  • Probability techniques
  • Time value of money
  • Credit management,
  • Bond investments
  • Financial ratios
  • Bank Financial Management Syllabus
  • Balance Sheet Management

Bank Financial Management

  • International Banking
  • Risk Management: Financial Options, Futures, Swaps, and different Hedging Tools)
  • Risk Management (Regulations in Banking Industry, Risk in Banking Business, Credit Risk, Market Risk and various other aspects of this finance and banking field
  • Assets- Liability Management and Duration Techniques
  • Risk Management for Changing Interest Rates
  • Asset- Loan Sales, Backed Securities, Credit Derivatives and Credit Standbys
  • Treasury Management sectors
  • International Banking
  • Forex Business
  • Exchange Rates
  • Basics of Forex Derivatives
  • Correspondent Banking
  • Establishing New Banks, ATMs, Branches, Web Sites and Telephone Services
  • The Structure and Organization of Banking and the Financial-Services Industry
  • Financial Firm and Financial Statements Performance
  • Managing Liquidity Positions and Investment Portfolios for Financial Firms
  • Evaluating and Measuring the Performance of Banks
  • Reserve and Liquidity Management: Policies and Strategies
  • Investment Function in Financial and Banking Services Management
  • Pricing and Managing Deposit Services
  • Managing Non-deposit Liabilities
  • Managing Sources of Funds for a Financial Firm
  • The Management of Capital
  • Investment Banking, Insurance and other Sources of Fee Income
  • Lending Policies and Procedures
  • Providing Loans to Businesses and Consumers
  • Consumer Credit Cards, Loans, and Real Estate Lending
  • Managing the Future in a Global Marketplace
  • Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial-Services Management
  • NRI accounts and Role of ECGC, FEMA, and FEDAI
  • International Banking and the Future of Banking and Financial-Services

These are the elective topics candidate needs to choose one out of the ones mentioned below:

Corporate Banking Syllabus

  • Cash management
  • Financing
  • Projects and Infrastructure
  • Issues of bonds and stocks and underwriting services
  • Merchant Banking
  • Investment and Finance Banking
  • Managing Risks in Project Financing
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Features of Project Finance

Human Resources Management Syllabus

  • Challenges of HRM: Empowerment, Workforce Diversity, Downsizing, HR and VRS Information System
  • Human Resource Policies, Programme, and Procedures
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Job Analysis, Specification, and Description    
  • Placement, Rightsizing, and Induction
  • Selection: Interview and Test
  • Management (Executive) Development
  • Employee Training
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Career Development and Planning
  • Employee Compensation
  • Job Changes: Transfer, Demotions, and Promotion
  • Employee Safety and Health
  • Job Evaluation
  • Grievance Handling and Redressal Industrial Disputes
  • Employee Welfare

Rural Banking Syllabus

  • Various programmes and schemes introduced for the rural development
  • Different dimensions of rural banking in the country
  • Controlling authorities in rural banking
  • regulations and Rules introduced from time to time
  • Basic features of the rural economy
  • Roles of all financial institutions working in rural areas
  • Priority sector lending
  • Financial services in rural areas
  • Provision for housing and education loans
  • Poverty alleviation programme
  • Micro-credit and self-help groups
  • prospects and Problems of rural banking

Information Technology Syllabus

  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Information System Security Audit and Controls.
  • Banking Technology Management and Applications
  • Networking Systems
  • Introduction to Software
  • Computing
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Settlement Systems and Electronic Clearing
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • Plastic Money
  • Banking Software
  • Electronic Commerce and Banking
  • RBI Reports on Technology
  • Computer Security, Communication Security
  • System Security Controls and Audit
  • Disaster Management
  • Information System Audit
  • Competitive Bid Process –SLA and RFP

International Banking Syllabus

  • Recent changes in the functioning
  • Various aspects of International Banking
  • Dynamic global foreign exchange
  • Evolution of the global monetary system
  • Various methods through which export and import transactions can be Financed
  • Money markets with particular reference to the Indian markets
  • Risks and the challenges in today's liberalized global markets.
  • Derivative transactions for hedging risks from currency exposures

Risk Management Syllabus

  • mitigating risk and Blueprint assessing
  • Risk management and identification assessment
  • Specific risk management technique
  • Risk practices and processes
  • List of risk sources
  • Contractor risk management
  • Quantifying expert judgment
  • Basic probability concepts

Retail Banking Syllabus

  • Business silos, channels, services, and products
  • Different strategies   
  • Innovations of products, processes
  • Retail model
  • technology and People
  • Loans Against Shares and Debentures
  • Floating Rate Term Deposits
  • Mobile Banking

Central Banking Syllabus

  • Evolution of central banking in India
  • Functions of central banks
  • The relationship between fiscal and monetary policy
  • credit policy and Monetary policy   
  • Financial stability
  • Evolution of regulation and supervision

Co-operative Banking Syllabus

  • laws and Modalities related to banking operations
  • structure and History of cooperative institutions in India
  • Various guidelines of RBI/NABARD
  • Various deposits and advances products including those under Priority sector   
  • Instruments covered under investment management
  • Investment strategies   

Treasury Management Syllabus

  • Treasury organization
  • products, Functions, management
  • Market terminology
  • Interest rate quotations      
  • Capital market instruments

Financial advising Syllabus

  • Indian economic scenario
  • Regulators
  • Various players in the Indian financial system   
  • Benefits under various tax saving provisions of the Income Tax Act,
  • Various investment opportunities     

Out of all the optional subjects, retail banking is the most chosen one since this is useful for them in the day to day banking business. This is the easiest subject in the optional subjects; you can also choose the information technology if you have an IT background it will easier for you that way.

You also have the option of joining the IT paper later on in the certification course and you can choose the retail banking in the CAIIB examination.

CAIIB Exam Registration Charge:

Before the year 2017, the examination fee for the CAIIB exams was twenty-seven hundred rupees for the first attempt and for the second, third and fourth attempt it was one thousand rupee, there were some tax charges too after the above-mentioned fee.

After December 2017 the Indian Institute of banking and finance has changed the fee and attempts system. Now there is no discount in case of any additional attempts. In case if a candidate wants to attempt the examination again they need to pay the 2700 rupees for every year.

When to give the CAIIB?

If you have already qualified the JAIIB exam and after getting your first increment still wants more. Then you can go for the CAIIB exam, one gets eligible for this exam after qualifying the JAIIB and if you crack the CAIIB exam you will get another increment in your wage. You can also go for this exam if you want to improve your work efficiency. this exam is held twice in a year in the May or June or in Dec or Nov. choose the time which suits you the most fill the form and you are good to go.

What is the benefit of CAIIB?

You will get the following benefits if you complete the JAIIB and CAIIB exams even after getting the Job in the financial institution.

After qualifying the JAIIB and CAIIB exams you will get two salary increments in your existing salary and you will also get the opportunity of a promotion and posting in the corporate loans and forex, treasury etc. if you want to get quick promotion then these exams are ideal for you. Try to get a distinction in these exams and you are more likely to get a post in the higher post and a further increase in the pay.

Any bank is more than happy to employ the candidates who have qualified these exams because the work efficiency of such workers is higher than the average employees. And for scoring the distinction in these exams myonlineprep is ideal CAIIB Coaching.

  • The possibility of the career advancement is increased wit organized learning pattern with a definite period of time.
  • Acquire or hone the capabilities needed to do various tasks related to their estimated future jobs.
  • To help the bankers to get specialized and appropriate qualifications by means of high standard current knowledge in the field of banking and other related subjects in order to have further specialized qualifications which guarantee the job advancement.

An online JAIIB Coaching is ideal for preparing for these exams.

How to Crack the CAIIB Exams

  • Since you will also be working in the regular jobs when preparing for the exam, try to remember what you have studied while working. Make a daily routine and plan for studying and completing the entire syllabus. My online prep will assist you in preparing a perfect routine.
  • Few chapters on the processing of loan application, payment of cheques, corporate advances, foreign exchange, remittances etc., assist you to know the vital steps in doing work or taking the decision. Try to focus on these more.
  • Try out the sample question paper and CAIIB Mock test in your free time to check or assess how much you actually understand the topics. You can find well-made question paper and mock test at my online prep. Answering questions fast is also important since CAIIB exam is time-based; you also get to check the time when solving these mock papers.
  • Get the guidance from the experts regarding any doubts and try to study the subject in depth; teachers at my online prepare more than willing to help you in any case.
  • Always think about this examination as a chance to learn more about the field you spend your life working in. don’t just focus on passing the examination.

Importance of CAIIB Study Materials

The study material is the most important thing for the preparation of an exam. Your success in the examination mostly depends on the study material you are using to study. A vague and hard to understand study material will only get you so far and you will also waste a lot of your precious time trying to comprehend the tough language if the stud material. Because of all this, you will have a lot of problems in qualifying for the examination. That is also the case with the CAIIB examinations.

The topics for the CAIIB examination paper is consist of various banking laws and working guidelines of the financial sectors and all of this are written in the light of legal aspects. that is the reason a lot of non-commerce candidates of the CAIIB examination fail to crack the examination even after many attempts or gets really bad scores.

Even a non-commerce candidate can easily understand the study material which is written in not so scientific writing. if one does not have any formal background in the commerce studies then it can be a bit too tough for them to understand the tough study martial for the CAIIB exams.

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Importance of CAIIB Practice Question Sets

A lot of practice is necessary for attaining perfection, no matter what you are working for practice is vital, it is due to this fact that it is said to practice makes a man perfect. For the CAIIB exam too practice is necessary.

Chapter wise preparations for the CAIIB exam are a wise choice since IIBF doesn’t disclose too many questions which will be asked in the examination from the particular module or chapters. So it is necessary to prepare yourself for all the possible outcomes and study the entire syllabus. Since it is quite difficult to prepare the entire syllabus, myonlineprep provides well-designed exercise question which will help the candidates to practice before the actual exam.

Preparing for the CAIIB exam on the chapter wise basis is a good choice since it is hard to tell which topic will come in the exam it is necessary to prepare everything from every topic and module. One cannot prepare the entire syllabus easily and one can also say it is quite impossible. That is why the practice question set provided by my online prep is ideal. It is made according to the estimations made by our experts and according to the exam patterns. You can check all of your weak points and strong points and prepare for the exams according to that. You will not get too nervous in the actual exam after going through the practice question test again and again.

Importance of CAIIB Mock test

In the last stage of preparation for the CAIIB exams, the Full-length mock test plays an important role. You can get a realistic exam experience with the help of a full-length mock test. These are ideal to check how much you really understand about the concepts of the examinations. Going through this section of my online prep means you have gone through practice questions and mock test multiple times and you are ready to crack the exam.

You will 5 different CAIIB mock test at myonlineprep. Each one of these mock tests consists a hundred questions which are prepared in a way to help to check your preparation level. For the actual assessment for your exam preparation this section is ideal.

Sixty percent is the benchmark for qualifying in these mock tests. It is guaranteed by my online prep team that is you get sixty or more than sixty percent in the mock test. You can easily pass the actual CAIIB examination.