JAIIB exams are coming near and you must have started your preparation from now if you want to crack the exam in your first attempt. By now, you might have gone through the syllabus and exam pattern for sure if you are serious about the exam.


One needs to go through a thorough analysis of every single topic present in the syllabus to crack the exam which is quite a hectic process and requires consistent motivation as well. The success story of our students can help you to boost your confidence and get dedicated to your preparation.

My name is Yogamaya Mishra an accountant in Balasore Odisha. I cracked the JAIIB exam in my first attempt without any conventional coaching classes. Myonlineprep has been my only companion as proper guidance for preparation with mock tests and study materials even if I started my preparation late.

I am now preparing for CAIIB and have cracked the JAIIB in my first attempt by implementing some preparation strategies which could surely be helpful for you. It is a mere fact that preparing for such high-end competitive exams that have a large number of professional competitors is quite hard. However, I completed the entire syllabus for the exam without even attending any coaching classes at renowned institutes.

How have I struggled at the beginning?

Being busy with my office work, it was probably a tough time for me to manage both studies as well as office tasks at the same time as any others. I was totally confused at the beginning as I was not able to pick a leisure slot from my travel and office work until I came through the online application.

The online application was possibly the only way for me to learn the required subjects from the syllabus assigned to the examination. I used the application to understand the whole exam pattern and the syllabus format. Being from a non-commerce background I had to learn every topic in the subjects from fundamentals as not a single topic can be ignored while preparing for JAIIB.

After coming across the subjects AFB (Accounting and Finance of Bankers), LRB (Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking) and PPB(Principles and Practices of Banking) and the topics in them, I prepared a regular schedule or timetable to accomplish them.

My Preferred time table in the beginning

Though the preparation of this timetable was not completely my idea as the video lessons and classes from the application helped me a lot to understand the outer sketch of every single topic. Now, it was just consistency that needed to play an essential role to go deeper into these topics starting from basics and then to exam patterns as well.

However, I was unable to fix a proper time table to complete all the topics from the syllabus due to office works and thus my sole aim of a day was to complete at least 5 topics from any subject. Therefore, whenever I got time to study in my leisure time I went for it.

My preparation strategy (Best for non-commerce aspirants)

Accounting And Finance For Bankers

Being from a non-commerce background, AFB was quite a tough subject for me and thus I used to complete more topics from it by following regular video lessons and going through the study materials regularly. The calculation part was quite tough for me at the beginning, but gradually after asking several doubts to experts and following regular classes, it reduced to a moderate level.

However, if you want to master the calculation and accounting part of this subject, then regular practice is a must while the mock tests play a major role. This was my secret as well because I used to go through the regular class test followed by mock tests for every topic in the syllabus. Attempting mock tests made the calculation easier and also helped me in covering all essential models of questions that are likely to be seen in the papers.

Legal & Regulatory Aspects Of Banking

LRB was the second priority for me as I was not familiar with most of the laws, sections, and articles related to banking. However, this problem was also handled by the application for the most part as the study lessons were in the form of slides thus ensuring every topic from the syllabus

is explained. Moreover, every topic was explained keeping the average student in mind in an easier way starting from the fundamentals to the deeper part of it.

Memorizing each and every section and law of this subject can be quite difficult at the beginning but even this subject could be made easier with mock tests. After going through the classes, you must go through the daily study tests and mock tests for every topic so that you can have a clear-cut idea about which topic it is related to.

Principles and Practices of Banking

PPB was quite a familiar subject for me as I was a bank employee and the practices of banking were quite relevant to my job. However, the study classes from the application helped me in mastering the subject with deeper knowledge and infused analytical skills in me. The mock test was quite exciting for me as every answered question boosted my confidence.

Final words: -

Following my own strategy could be the best suited for aspirants from a non-commerce background but keep in mind that every topic in the syllabus is important. Neglecting a single topic from any corner can reduce your marks. Also, remember that every subject should be scored 45% and aggregate will remain at 50% which means you can attempt the question paper to crack it only if you are skilled in every single topic without any kind of flaws.