CAIIB or Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers is one of the most premium and renowned examinations in India. The exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) exactly twice every year. The IIBF was established back in 1928 and at present, it has more than 700+ banks and financial institutions under it.

The main objective of the examination is to check the potential and knowledge regarding decision-making and management related to general banking. The CAIIB exam consists of 2 compulsory papers and also one optional.

CAIIB Preparation is very important for cracking the examination because this exam is of great calibre and requires a very disciplined schedule. Let us have a detailed look at the different papers which the candidates will need to prepare about when they want to appear for the CAIIB.

CAIIB Compulsory Papers

The CAIIB examination consists of two important compulsory papers. These two are - Advanced Bank Management (ABM) and Bank Financial Management (BFM). Both these papers deal with vital knowledge and information regarding the function and importance of various aspects related to banking. These are the two most important papers that the candidates will need to appear for.

CAIIB Optional Papers

Apart from the compulsory papers, the candidates will also need to prepare for one optional paper which can be any of the following:

● Corporate banking

● Central banking

● Rural banking

● Co-operative banking

● Retail banking

● International banking

● Financial advising

● Treasury management

● Risk management

● Human resources management

● Information technology

Months Required to crack CAIIB

Since the examination is conducted twice a year, the candidates will get around 6 months to prepare for it. As we mentioned, the CAIIB examination is difficult and takes a lot of preparation. The exact time that the candidates will require to crack it is different for all the individuals.

Many of them, with the right preparation, can crack it in the first attempt. There is no limit on how many times you can appear for the exam. The candidates appearing for the CAIIB examination can take the CAIIB Mock Test and check their results which will help them determine how much they are prepared.

CAIIB Study Material is available on the internet and candidates can avail themselves for free or at a cost. There are several books and documents which will further help them to make advance preparation as well.