The post of the Probationary Officer (PO) of the State Bank of India (SBI) is quite a prestigious post. Here the officers are hired through an SBI PO test. This test is conducted across many centers throughout India once a year. These selected officers are recruited across the many SBI branches throughout India. There are lakhs of people appearing for this job each year and therefore, this examination has become highly competitive. Getting a job in your preferred bank is becoming increasingly difficult. It is, therefore, important that you prepare very well for the examination.

Wondering how you can prepare well for the SBI PO examination? This is how:

If you check out the SBI recruitment examination for the last 5 years, you will come across a lot of changes that happened in these years. That is why; it is essential to practice from the previous year’s papers and also appear for mock tests. Many good institutes conduct these mock tests and practicing these tests will help you to analyze your preparations. You not only need a good understanding of the subject but also need to have a good strategy to crack this examination. If you strategize well, you will understand how much time, you can devote to each section, in which sequence you should attempt these questions, which are the questions that you can attempt on the first go, and the questions you should skip. Everyone has a different strategy. You might wonder why the strategy that worked for your friend is not working for you. So, the best thing that you can do here is to appear for mock tests. These tests will help you to try different strategies and then find out the one that works best for you.

Where can you take the SBI PO mock tests?

You can take these tests both online and offline. If you prefer to take these online, you need to log in to the websites of some of the best institutes. Otherwise, you can physically go to these institutes and take the mock tests.

Understanding why these mock tests are important?

If you want to know the advantages of appearing for mock tests, you can go through the points mentioned below:

Mock tests help you to get an idea about the SBI PO examination:

Once you start appearing in these mock tests, you will get relevant information about the pattern and the structure of the examination. But just knowing about the examination pattern will not help. Once you appear for the mock tests, you will understand how each section of the question paper is structured.

Mock tests help you to understand your weaknesses

We all indeed have our weak points, but these mock tests will help you find out where exactly your weakness lies. You will therefore be able to work on them. These will also tell you which section you are struggling with and which part of the syllabus is taking you a long time to understand.

You get a clear understanding of the syllabus

There is a general syllabus for the SBI PO examination. It is based on this syllabus that you prepare yourself. If you appear for these mock tests, you will get a clear understanding of how the questions are set, the marks weightage, and the question sequence.

Mock tests also help you to strategize well

Once you can understand your weaknesses and also know about the syllabus in details, you can craft a strategy. You can now analyze the mistakes and find out ways to avoid such mistakes in the future. You can perfect your strategy by the trial and error system and the mock tests will help you to do that.

  1. The mock tests are much more than just percentiles and scores.
  2. These tests are more about analyzing your mistakes and adopting the right strategy.
  3. These tests help you to try out different things.
  4. Cracking these mock tests is not very easy as you need speed and accuracy to solve these questions.
  5. The questions can be answered; however, they might take more time.
  6. These tests not only measure your knowledge but also help you to reinforce the concepts so that you can retrieve this information later when you need it.
  7. Once you complete the tests, you will have to find out the solutions. Make sure that you should check out the solutions well and not just the scores.
  8. Understand the difference between your solution and the actual solution because this might help you to reduce the time.

Mock tests help you to improve your speed

The biggest challenge of the SBI PO recruitment examination is that the time to complete the examination is comparatively much less. You have to answer many questions within a very short period. It is here that the mock tests can help. If you practice mock tests, you will take much lesser time to solve the reasoning problems in Mathematics. You will also be able to answer the English grammar questions very fast. Practicing will hone your efficiency and speed.

The mock tests also help you to learn the study materials

There are many things that you need to learn if you want to clear the SBI PO recruitment examination. Mock tests will make you practice the Mathematics reasoning and the English grammar questions several times. This reinforces the strategies and your brain will be able to retrieve the information quickly.

Mock tests help you to keep a track of your progress

To find out if your strategies are correct, you need to appear for more mock tests. Mock tests show you where you were lagging and therefore, you recalibrate your game plan accordingly. After a few months, you can appear for another mock test to find out whether your strategies are working.

Mock tests create the ambiance of real examination

When you solve a practice paper at home, it is very different from the actual test. But mock tests recreate the feelings of an actual examination. Today, the bank examinations are conducted online and there is a timer for each section. So to get an idea of the anxiety and the pressure you will be under and to beat the timer, you need to appear for mock tests.