Clearing BPSC in the first attempt may seem difficult to you but by opting the right strategy and maintaining consistency you can achieve your goal in the first attempt.

Here are some tips that can help you to clear BPSC in the first attempt.

1. Correct Strategy: BPSC conducts competitive exams and competitive exams demand an effective strategy to be followed to outstand others. You must have a full-fledged plan regarding resources to study, and time management. Myonlineprep helps you with the right strategy. Our experienced teachers help you in planning your whole preparation.

2. Effective Resources: You must have effective learning resources for better understanding and retaining processes. Myonlineprep provides organized notes that help students in visualizing their lessons  and retain them for a longer period of time.

3. Newspaper Reading: BPSC is mostly about current affairs. You must have current knowledge with static knowledge. Develop the habit of reading newspapers with understanding. You should also understand the difference between relevant and non-relevant information. Take organized notes of information you find relevant and revise it regularly.

4. Maps Revision: You must have a good grasp of the maps of Bihar, India and the World.

Practice maps regularly to get good command over maps.

5. Revision: Not revising lessons regularly is a mistake most students make. Completing the syllabus is of no use if you do not retain it. According to research, your first revision should be within 24 hours, second revision should be within 3 days and then regularly after every 7 days. Myonlineprep understands it well and thus comes up with effective revisionary series.

6. Answer Writing Ability: Most students understand the concept but fail to present it on answer sheets. Lack of writing practice can leave you clueless in the exam hall even after knowing the answers. You must take writing sessions regularly to develop confidence in the subject.

7. Test Series: Tests are very important to check yourself before an exam. Tests allow you to make mistakes and learn them way before the exam. Enrol yourself in an effective test series to analyze your preparation and improve your answer writing ability. Giving tests before exams will also boost up your confidence.

8. Consistency: Last but not the least, Consistency is the key to clear competitive exams. Studying 12 hours a day and then taking off for 2 days is not going to make it. You must be consistent to complete the syllabus at the time and get enough time to practice mock test papers and previous year question papers. Have an effective 8-10 hours study schedule. Myonlineprep can help you with an effective schedule and planning.

Clearing BPSC in the first attempt is difficult but not impossible.

With the right teachers who assist you with hard and smart work, you can clear BPSC in the first attempt. 

Myonlineprep cares about your dream to clear BPSC and is always there to help you.

Best of luck with your preparation.