CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) examination is one of the flagship-grade examinations conducted by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). This professional flagship-grade examination is meant to test the knowledge and skills of banking employees in the banking sector.

Being such a professional-level competitive examination meant to provide a merit-based promotion to the bank employees, the exam needs to be quite tough to test the abilities of the aspirants.

If you are aiming to crack the CAIIB exam in your first attempt, then it's nothing more than proper preparation strategy, dedication towards accomplishing the topics in the syllabus and consistency, that takes to pass this examination to reach your career goals.

But, you should be consistent and clear enough with your preparation strategy. Your timetable should be crafted in such a way that every single topic of the CAIIB syllabus followed by the well-crafted practice and revision timings finds its place at ease in it. 

On the other hand, Make sure that enough time is spared from your days of preparation in attempting the CAIIB mock tests. Mock tests are the basic yet most essential prop for CAIIB preparation which can not only make you familiar with the exam pattern but also ensures that every important topic is covered efficiently.

Significances of MOCK tests in CAIIB examination

  • Being a flagship-grade professional course, the questions that are likely to appear in the examination can turn out to be almost unpredictable if you are preparing random topics from the syllabus. CAIIB mock tests from a platform like Myonlineprep can help you in understanding the essential topics from the syllabus so that you can prepare them before the other topics in the syllabus.
  • It is quite tough to analyze your progress and check whether you have reached your utmost potential to crack the exam in your first attempt in your days of preparation. But, mock tests crafted with the essential topics from previous year's papers and the questions likely to be appearing in the upcoming exam can ensure it.
  • Attempting the CAIIB mock tests can also improve your time management skills in answering the questions based on case studies and can enhance your numerical skills as well.
  • After attempting the mock test, you can revise the topics in which you are not good, or your need to spend more time practising and memorizing.

How to attempt the CAIIB mock test?

The best time to attempt the CAIIB mock test is right after listening to the video lessons or after classroom preparation. Myonlineprep has both topic-wise and chapter-wise mock tests from all three subjects namely Advanced Bank Management (ABM), Bank Financial Management (BFM), and Retail Banking (RB) i.e. elective.

Besides, a few more aspects should be considered to prepare for CAIIB mock tests that can enhance the productivity of your preparation to a great extent. Some of them are

  1. Choose the right time i.e. the best time: - When it comes to CAIIB mock tests, one should understand that every minute spent with mock tests is essential and shouldn’t be wasted. Choose the right time from your daily schedule so that you can solve the questions with your utmost potential every time.
  2. Make a similar environment as the exam: - Mock tests should be a practice for the exam so that you can make yourself comfortable with the exam environment that you will face in the future. Right from the sitting positions to an efficient way to answer the questions, one should improvise on every single aspect during mock tests.
  3. Consider time management: - Do consider the time while answering the questions in the question paper of your mock tests as it can show up your abilities as well as limitations at a time. Try to get better on every attempt after regular practice.
  4. Note down the topics with doubts: - While attempting the mock test it is essential to note down the questions which are eating more time or which is being hard for you to solve. Study materials can help in this aspect further to revise them.
  5. Analyze your weaknesses: - While attempting the mock test, you can surely understand which topics in the question paper are tough for your preparation to date and which are not. The toughest part of the question paper is more important than the easiest one, so keep your eyes on them.
  6. Overcome it with consistent preparation: - Soon after you attempt the mock tests and are all set with your topics of doubts and the topic that you find hard to solve or understand, start preparing from your sources available. Myonlineprep can be the best companion for CAIIB aspirants with every resource starting from reliable study materials to effective video lessons, which are available at the fingertips of the users via both application and website as well.
  7. Attempt as many as you can: - Attempting the mock tests one after another will gradually enhance your time management, solving and understanding skills, etc which is why one should attempt as many mock tests as possible after the preparation.
  8. Revise the topics: - The topics which are marked as doubtful or tough should be practised again and again and should be revised before the date of examination so that they won’t be missed in the real-time examination.
  9. Enhance your skills: - You may notice that some of the minor aspects of the exam environment are bothering you to focusing on the question paper. Improvise and overcome such flaws while you are attempting mock tests so that you can be as cool as you are in normal in your study space.
  10. Make sure to attempt them right before exam dates: - Try to attempt some mock tests right before the CAIIB exam dates to boost your confidence right before attempting the examination.

If you are starting your preparation late then make sure that your schedule includes at least two weeks for attempting mock tests and practising the topics on which you find it difficult to memorize.  Myonlineprep provides the best collections of CAIIB advanced mock tests that are crafted with the most experienced banking experts and senior-most faculties.