JAIIB or Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banking is one of the renowned examinations conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. The candidates, who are eligible to sit for the examination must be an authorized member of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

JAIIB is a difficult examination to crack and candidates need to prepare for at least 3-4 months prior to the exam if they want to score really good overall percentage. Today we will discuss with you the important steps required for the preparation of Accounting and Finance for Banking.

JAIIB Examination Accounting and Finance Syllabus

The JAIIB examination is comprised of three very important papers and all the candidates are required to prepare themselves for these. Here are the three vital papers:

● Principles & Practices of Banking

● Accounting & Finance for Bankers

● Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

Now, there is a certain structure for each of these papers which the candidates will need to be familiar with. Mock tests for Accounting and Finance for JAIIB examination is conducted online at various sites, which helps the candidates to become familiar with this structure.

● All the papers consist of 4 Modules.

● All the papers contain 8 to 15 Units/Chapters.

● All the papers may consist of 4 to 15 topics.

● All the papers consist of 4 to 15 sub-topics.

Now that you are aware of the important papers and structure of each of these papers, we will now move on to the syllabus for the JAIIB examination.

● Principles & Practices of Banking - This Paper includes Mutual Funds & Insurance Companies, Role of Money Markets, Debt Market, Retail Banking, Wholesale and International Banking, Banking Regulation and Indian Financial System.

● Accounting & Finance for Bankers - Bank Reconciliation Statement, Basic Accountancy Procedures, Foreign Exchange Arithmetic, Depreciation and its Accounting, Calculation of YTM and Calculation of Interest and Annuities.

● Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking - Public Sector Banks and Co-operative Banks, Financial Sector Legislative Reforms, Regulation of Banking Business, Control over Organization of Banks and Legal Framework of Regulation of Banks.

Topics and chapters that are included in the 5 modules

● Module A – Basics of Business Mathematics - Calculation of Simple Interest and Compound Interest-Fixed and Floating Interest Rates – calculation of EMIs – Calculation of front end and back end interest - Calculation of Annuities.

● Module B – Accounting in Banks/Branches - Definition & Scope and Accounting Standards – Nature and purpose of accounting; historical perspectives – Origins of accounting principles – accounting standards and its definition and Scope.

● Module C – Bank Accounting and Balance Sheet - Rules for bank accounts, cash/clearing/transfer vouchers/system – subsidiary book and main day book – General Ledger -Branch v/s Bank Accounts Bank Balance Sheet Structure.

● Module D – Other Accounts - Partnership accounts – partner’s fixed capital accounts – Current accounts – loan accounts – treatment of intangibles like goodwill – Admission/retirement/death of a partner – Company accounts.

● Module E – Computerized Accounting - Accounting in an electronic environment – methods – procedures – security.

So these are the important syllabus for the JAIIB Accounting Paper which every candidate should be taking special care of. All the candidates must search for important Study Material for Accounting from the internet or from other candidates who have previously appeared for the examination in the previous years.

How to prepare for the JAIIB examination? Especially Accounting Paper

The JAIIB examination is conducted twice a year, and we have already mentioned that. So every candidate needs to utilise their time in the most efficient manner. They should make a flexible schedule which will allow them to work and study at the same time. Jot down all the important chapters and topics separately and pay special attention to those which you think is a bit difficult for you.

You can download JAIIB Mobile apps which contain several resources and materials that help you to prepare for the examination even while travelling. All the candidates should start preparing all the topics and subtopics at least 2 months before the examination. They should be familiar with the structure and syllabus for the examination also.