Research has shown that the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is not in his or her talent but it is due to his or her mental map or mental paradigm. The concept of a Competitive public examination for the selection of the best candidates for a job in India is over one hundred and fifty years old. This practice was first started in the 1850s. The Bihar Public Service Commission Head Teacher examination is a fantastic doorway to a very prestigious and respectable position of the headteacher.

According to the latest statistics, the BPSC Head Teacher examination for the year 2022 is for recruitment to over forty thousand vacancies. This examination is taken by a very large number of talented candidates. Only the best candidates with a mental edge over others can expect to get appointed as a Headteacher in Bihar.

Understand the examination process first

The BPSC Head Teacher recruitment examination carries a maximum of 150 marks and the maximum allowable time duration is 120 minutes. The examination is divided into 2 sections of 75 marks each. The first section is General Knowledge and the second section is known as D.El.Ed. Each of the 150 questions carries one mark. Each correct answer gets an award of 1 mark and every wrong answer gets a negative 0.25 marks deducted from the score. According to a notification by the competent BPSC authorities dated the 23rd of February 2022, there will be no interview in the 2022 selection process. Therefore, the entire selection process will depend on the performance in the aforementioned 2-hour examination.

You have to understand that everything boils down to your performance in the 2-hour examination

Provided that you fulfil the necessary qualification criteria, the only thing that can get you a top ten rank in the BPSC headteacher recruitment examination is how well you write the answer to the 150 questions within the stipulated period of 2 hours. The examiners have no way of knowing you personally or have any other means to evaluate your performance. You have to ensure that you answer all 150 questions correctly.

Use subconscious programming and practice mock tests repeatedly

According to research, our mental map is divided into 2 categories. 5 per cent of the mind is the conscious mind and the remaining supercomputer mind is the subconscious mind. The subconscious part of the mind takes action without needing to think about taking action. This is a supercomputer that runs in an automatic mode. 

For instance, you do not have to think about how to eat the regular food in your house. This is because, with practice over the years, your subconscious mind knows exactly how to eat the food when you are served food in your house. However, if you delve very deeply into your psyche, you will find that when you were a baby, you could not have this food by yourself. You were first fed food by your parents or ayah or some other elders but you learned the process and due to years of practice, you do not even have to think consciously of how to take food in your house. 

However, when you go to an upmarket hotel or restaurant, you might use a fork and spoon which you may not be used to. You have to think consciously and use the fork and spoon carefully to feed yourself so that you do not spill food on your clothes and also maintain perfect etiquette while eating. This is also because you have more practice in having your food in your house than at an upmarket hotel or restaurant. The art of learning to play a musical instrument is also a great example of how you can practice programming the subconscious mind. It is said that every musical maestro was once a novice. However, with hours and hours of practice, the maestro musician has effectively imbibed the process of playing the instrument into his subconscious mind. Therefore it is most important that you practice the mock tests repeatedly to train your mind to give the BPSC Head Teacher Examination without even having to think about it. The subconscious mind can be programmed to learn new skills so that it does them in an automatic mode

Use self-talk techniques in front of a mirror to visualize that you have answered all the 150 questions of your BPSC Head Teacher Examination correctly

The process is very simple. You have to sit in front of the mirror and keep your eyes closed and say to yourself that you have appeared for the BPSC Headteacher recruitment examination and that you have answered all the 150 questions correctly within 2 hours. Repeat this affirmation 10 times and then open your eyes and see only your eyes in the mirror. Then repeat this affirmation and visualize yourself answering the 150 questions of the BPSC Head Teacher Recruitment Examination correctly.

This visualization technique is very simple but only the top 1 per cent of the people on this earth know about this technique. Out of the 1 per cent who know this technique, only one per cent can practice it. Out of the 1 per cent who practice this technique, 99 per cent give up within the first week and only the rare 1 per cent out of these people keep practising this technique for 3 weeks to get results. Therefore, this technique requires at least three weeks of practice and will make you one in a million successful people in the world.

This simple and super visualization technique will enable you to beat exam preparation obstacles like low motivation, negative talk, procrastination, etc.

Practice the art of feeling through your visualization sessions

According to research on visualization techniques, ninety-nine per cent of the people who use this technique see the visuals as wishful thinking or the things that they want to happen to them. The Centre point of a visualization technique is about creating a reality that you will be able to feel. 

With practice, you will be able to see and feel yourself in a reality where you have answered all the examination questions correctly instead of imagining them as a form of wishful thinking. You will be able to convince yourself that this is a prediction of your bright future as a BPSC headteacher. The more you practice, the more intensely you will be able to visualize your appointment as the best headteacher candidate by the authorities on merit-cum-choice basis. This will enable you to commit to your aspiration of becoming a Head Teacher. The more you practice this technique, the more you will be able to feel that it is not a distant reality but a rehearsal of a bright future. 

Study in the same place at the same time for 40 minutes per session followed by a five-minute break

EMG studies have shown that level of alertness displayed by the human brain tends to start falling after around 40 minutes due to lack of stimulation and boredom. Therefore, you must take a 5-minute break after every 40 minutes of studying or answering questions. A certain world-famous psychologist also found that if a person practices studying at the same place and time, his or her brain will identify this practice as a habit and will enable the process automatically without the person having to think about it. The person’s subconscious mind will automatically initiate a learning process when he or she arrives in his study environment. The world’s leading companies have put sleeping pods near the workstations of their employees so that they can recharge themselves every 40 minutes with a five-minute break.

Form a support group

Understand that human beings are greatly affected by their environment. If you walk into a gymnasium where people are engaged in actively exercising their bodies, you will feel like training. On the other hand, if you walk into a bar where people are drinking and partying, you will feel like drinking and partying too. 

Therefore, it makes sense for you to form a group and associate with people who have high goals in life. Once you have been able to get rid of people who affect your goals of securing a top rank in the BPSC Headteacher examination, you will be able to stay in an environment where people are striving for a successful life and bright future. These groups are driven by a higher purpose and are usually connected to a higher spiritual power. 

Stay connected to the divine and repeat affirmations

It is said that anything is possible with the blessings of the Almighty. You should schedule prayers during the day. Why schedule? It is because research has shown that whatever gets scheduled gets done. Keep repeating the affirmation that you have answered all the 150 questions of the BPSC Head Teacher Recruitment Examination correctly throughout the day. It is important to develop progressive levels of concentration and stay focused on your goal.

Develop self-awareness

To drive a car from point A to point B, you have to be aware of how to drive the car efficiently. Similarly, you have to develop progressive levels of awareness and accessibility to your subconscious mind to program it to achieve your goal of being a top performer in the BPSC Head Teacher recruitment examination. 

As you progress through the different levels of subconscious programming, you will be able to dig deep and engage in a dialogue with your subconscious mind. You can start by forgiving yourself for all the mistakes that you have made. You can congratulate yourself for all accomplishments in your life that you have already done and also for those that you will achieve in the future.

With repeated practice, you will be able to visualize the very positive response of your environment to your successes in life. Slowly and surely, with repeated effort and practice, you will be able to see the happy faces of your near and dear ones due to your stellar achievement of being a top performer in the BPSC Head Teacher recruitment examination. 

Learn to recharge yourself by taking a break.

Research has shown that highly motivated individuals tend to experience burnout if they do not allow themselves to take a day off or an evening off. It is very easy to convince yourself that you do not have enough time when you are working on achieving a lofty goal like a top position in a BPSC Head Teacher Recruitment Examination. The fact that you are telling yourself that you do not have enough time is itself a negative thought. This should be avoided. Scientific research on the human mind has shown that taking an occasional break can increase productivity and are very beneficial for the achievement of goals. These breaks recharge a person’s mental and physical capabilities and have a very directly proportional relationship with core productivity. A good night’s sleep also works like a toggle button of a computer system where all the stress from the previous day is gone and the person comes back to work with great vigour and energy. Therefore, you can study the whole day and take an evening off. You can take a break from studying that evening and focus on getting a good night’s sleep. This will enable you to keep yourself mentally fresh. However, it is also very important that you don’t fall prey to indiscipline during breaks and don’t indulge in any nefarious habits or bad company.

These techniques are an open secret

It is not that people do not know about these techniques but the use of these techniques by successful candidates in addition to mock tests is not known by many. These techniques are the open secret of successful candidates. Although mental techniques are suggested for this specific examination, these techniques can enable you to achieve anything in life. The techniques are so simple that people usually do not believe that they have such immense power. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you believe in these techniques and practice them regularly without fail to achieve your dreams.