Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on the 10th of December. It was on the same day in the year 1948, that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human rights. This Declaration has one preamble and 30 articles. These set out a wide range of individual rights and freedom that all people across the globe are entitled to enjoy. The individual will be able to exercise these rights irrespective of the place of residence, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, religion, language, or any other status. The representatives of all the regions drafted this declaration. Over time, this has been accepted as a contract between the government and the people. It laid the foundation for the expanding system of human rights protection that today focuses more on the vulnerable groups in the society including people with disabilities, indigenous people, and migrants.

This is how International human rights day is celebrated

Human Rights Day is celebrated by formally arranging conferences, exhibitions, cultural events, and other programs that help in leveraging human rights awareness. To make this celebration more effective, a theme is selected. By celebrating this day, one tries to remove poverty in human life thereby helping everyone to get established and lead a well-off life. There are also other programs performed on this day and these include drama, music, dance, and other things that focus on equal human rights. There is also some protest activities organized on this day to create general awareness about human rights amongst the general public.

These are the reasons why we celebrate human rights day

International Human Rights Day is celebrated by people throughout the world. This day is celebrated to improve the socio-cultural well-being and the welfare of a vulnerable group of people across the world. Given below is a list of reasons why this day is celebrated:

  • To leverage awareness about human rights among the people.
  • To emphasize the efforts of the United Nations General Assembly to bring about progress in the living conditions of human beings.
  • To celebrate, interact and highlight the issues related to human rights.
  • To motivate the susceptible group of people to participate in this event.

Human Rights Day theme- 2019

In 2019, the human rights day theme was standing up for human rights. It focuses on the role of the young generation in a collective movement that will finally lead to a secure future. The youth are the constructive agents of change and they can engage the audience across the globe for the protection of human rights by amplifying their voices. The youth needs to participate actively on the human rights day so that everyone can achieve sustainable development goals. It is also essential to let the youths know about their rights so that they can claim their rights in emergencies and get benefitted.

Human Rights Day theme- 2020

The theme of the Human rights day celebration in the year 2020 was related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It focused on the need to recover in a better way by ensuring equal rights for everyone as human rights are the most important thing that is needed for a successful recovery. Human Rights day is an opportunity where everyone reaffirms the importance of human rights in creating a better world that will have interconnectedness, global solidarity, and shared humanity.

Human Rights Day theme- 2021

Equality is the theme of Human Rights day, 2021. The theme focuses on reducing inequality and advancing human rights. It lays stress on Article 1 which says that all human beings are equal in both dignity and rights.