JAIIB Mock Test

Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banking (JAIIB) exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking for authorized Bankers to get increment in the bank job. Thousands of people from all over the country apply for these exams as certainly there is heavy competition for minimum posts that get released in the notification twice in the year. Later after qualifying this, CAIIB can also be attempted by the bankers which are the highest educational degree in banking as well as the financial sector. Both these exams are high-profile professional exams for bankers who need thorough preparation for at least 3 to 4 months to crack them.

JAIIB exam has three subjects in it namely Principle and Practices of Banking, Accounting, and finance for Bankers and legal and regulatory aspects of Banking. Each subject is classified into different modules and each module has different topics of which each and every topic should be covered and moreover briefly understood to crack the exam. These subjects also include numerical problems, lots of calculations and several banking acts to be memorized which could be a bit difficult for non-commerce students.

An effective way to crack the exam

Core subjects included in this professional exam are hard to understand for most of the aspirants until they have undergone some specific training regarding banking and finance in the past. However, if it is the first attempt for JAIIB, then either direct coaching classes by experienced professionals or online tutoring sites that provide high quality can help you to a great extent.

Although regular self-preparation with utmost consistency and focus counts the most, taking those classes by experienced faculty members can simplify your efforts as they also explain different tricks and strategies to solve every question in the exam paper. It is also a well-known fact that a competitive or professional exam needs a completely different way of preparation than academics. The most beneficial aspects of approaching a respective faculty are that they can also explain the strategic and beneficial way of preparation which will save a lot of time and make the study time more productive.

Fact about JAIIB exam paper and significance of mock tests

If you are seriously aimed at cracking the JAIIB, then attending classes, watching regular video sessions or completing the topics from the syllabus is not enough. Although all of those resources will make their part to bring out the final outcome, one can’t ensure final results by just continuous preparation.

The most essential way to increase the proximity to a better score in the exam is to go through several mock tests on every topic in the syllabus. Attempting a series of tests and analyzing the previous year’s papers can provide a clear-cut clarification about the type of questions which are likely to be asked in the examination. You can later start preparing as per the models of the questions in the previous papers without wasting time and effort on the unimportant and lengthy topics in the books.

Need for JAIIB Mock test

Besides providing a clear idea about the questions which are likely to be seen in the exam, there are a bunch of JAIIB Mock tests used in the real-time preparation and some of them are:

  • Self-analysis and identifying weaker sections:

Preparing random topics or one after another as per the syllabus paper may lead to either skipping the topics by overlooking them or else you might forget the main objective of any topic in the subject. Although, missing one or two topics from the syllabus seems to be a small deal but in fact, missing even a single topic can be fatal in such examinations as every single mark counts if you want to pass the exam.

Attempting a series of mock tests will not only identify the weaker sections or missed topics but also make you confident in the learned topics from the classes or from the materials.

  • Helps in Improvement in subjects:

Numerical problems and case studies get better only with regular practice and mock tests can bring out such topics which you haven’t stressed upon in your past or the problems which are consuming a lot of time to solve. Based on this, you can practice the respective topics of every subject one by one which also improves your knowledge as well as solving skills. One can make significant progress in all those subjects after attempting the mock test related to every module that is completed in the past.

  • Improves Real-time exam skills:

Besides revising and identifying the topics in the subjects, the mock test can also help in making the entire examination software familiar to the aspirants. This results in faster identification of every section and pre-analyzing the time to be assigned to a particular section.

  • Helps in revision:

After completing every module in the subject, it is always better to go through all of them once again to make sure that no topics are left behind. Manual analysis can’t always work as even the second time, the same topic may get skipped or there may be a chance of missing any topic from the material or book you are referring to. Mock tests identify such topics as well as repeat the completed topics to solve which will enhance your skills in solving the problems to a great extent.

  • Time management:

Time plays a major role in such competitive examination as different sections of questions have a completely different approaches to it. If you get stuck to some lengthy questions leaving the easy-to-attempt questions behind, then you may not cover the entire question paper within the provided time period. Attempting a series of mock tests will enhance my time management skills to a whole new level.

Moreover, online tutoring sites like Myonlineprep, which have separate sections for every paper can be even more productive. One can see all 3 papers' names in the sections of the mock test which can be easily accessed and attempted in a real-time environment similar to the exam.