Hello Everybody,

We wanted to start our Blog with the most basic yet important post which could help you all. That’s the reason we decided to share the 1st Blog on our website as the Basics one must know when it comes to passing JAIIB/CAIIB exam, in the first attempt!

Well to start with, Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banker exam is also known as ‘JAIIB.’

While Chartered Associate of Indian Institute of Banker also known as ‘CAIIB.’

Both the exams JAIIB/CAIIB are the flagship Courses of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance commonly known as IIBF, an Institute for professional excellence in the field of banking and finance.

JAIIB/CAIIB Exam is conducted twice in a year. The course offered is based on various acts, like for instance based on the latest circular and current practices followed by banks.

Now if you ask us when both are related to banking, why is it that two different exams are conducted?


The answer to the question popping in your subconscious mind is, JAIIB aims at providing the maximum level of basic knowledge in banking and financial systems, banking technology, customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations. Whereas the CAIIB aims at providing the advanced knowledge required for better decision making covering risk, financial and general bank management.

Cracking these exams without preparation is a tough task, and one of the reasons behind it is, that bankers do not get enough time to prepare for such exam that too especially after serving duty for 10 hrs. Hence most of the candidates appear in such examinations with last minute preparation, with a fire fighting situation. However, with a proper planning of study on the routine basis helps to crack the JAIIB/CAIIB Exam easily.

Like if you take a look and observe, one can surely agree with us when we say the exams are to be held in the month of May & June. Hence, even if one should start preparation from at least February onwards they can make it!

Do we see a question mark on your face after reading the last sentence?

Don’t worry we aren’t bluffing, check it out how

  • First of all, make a routine to study at least one hour daily. Pick up a book from your area of interest first and start reading.

  • Next, after 2-3 days of reading, start reading other books and then make a routine to read all books on every alternate day.

  • Further, try to create questions yourself from the topic you just finished, think how can you set question from this topic and what can be various ways of setting question from the topic.

  • Then, go to check your progress part which is usually available at the end of the chapter, match your question with the question given in the book, when you do this mental exercise it helps in understanding a lot.

This activity will help you to remember the topic and related questions & answers for a longer time.

Your target must be to finish the trio books, that too it should be completed minimum before one week of actual schedule JAIIB/CAIIB exam.

That way in the last remaining week, you can revise only that book whose exam is going to be held on arriving Sunday. In this period try to give the mock tests as many as you can. However, avoid yourself from appearing in managed mock test with rare legitimacy evidence or those available on the internet without an authenticated source, it may mislead you in the last moment.

Last but not the least, on examination day for your JAIIB/CAIIB exam, please read the provided instruction carefully. Plus, next, try to solve easy question first, do not get stuck in complicated question or a question, having a lot of literature in the initial period, skip such question and keep solving all easy questions where you are 100% confident. After finishing such questions where you are sure 100%, then come back to questions which you have skipped, try to solve one by one. Plus, always keep in mind do not leave any question un-attempted as there is not negative marking in these exams.

Follow the simple instructions and work things out to obtain the best results needed!