What is JAIIB?

Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banking is the full form of JAIIB. One has to qualify the JAIIB exam to get an increment in his/her banking job. For any further increment, one can also go for CAIIB exams.

Both CAIIB and JAIIB are the flagship courses of IIBF i.e. Indian Institute of banking and finance.  IIBF is also known as the Indian Institute of Bankers (IIB), it is a professional body of the financial institutions, banks, and their employees. It is the largest institute of its kind in the world.

While working in the banking and finance sector CAIIB is the highest educational degree an individual can get. And one must qualify JAIIB first to be eligible for the CAIIB exams. For JAIIB an online exam is conducted twice every year in May and November.

The primary aim of the JAIIB examinations is providing the bakers with detailed knowledge and information about the banking and functions of banking. Giving the maximum level of general knowledge in financial and banking systems, customer systems and banking technology etc. If you are looking for a good JAIIB Online Coaching then consider enrolling into my online prep.


What is the Syllabus and Topics for the JAIIB Exam?

A thorough understanding of the syllabus is essential for passing any type of exam. By Understanding the syllabus we get some insights and a clear picture of what we are going to learn and everything else necessary to know about the subject. It also assists us to know whether we already know a few things about the contents of the examinations or not. To judge the time you need to spend and complexity of the topic a deep understanding of the syllabus is important. To get an excellent overview of every paper of the JAIIB exams understanding the syllabus is vital. So now I am going to tell you everything about the syllabus of the JAIIB exams.


These three papers are included in the JAIIB exams.

  1. Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking
  2. Principles & Practices of Banking
  3. Accounting & Finance for Bankers


There are four modules in each paper.

  • Every module may have eight to fifteen Chapters or Units.
  • Every Unit might consist of four to fifteen topics.
  • Every topic may have four to fifteen sub-topics.

Do not get too worried due to the contents of the syllabus, just study the modules of the topics three to five times and you’ll pretty much get some insights about every module. The topics and modules would start looking familiar to you when you go through the four to five times. Some topics might take some extra time but give it all you got you will come to understand it eventually. By preparing for the exams in this way you will a sense of confidence. Confidence is the key from where you can create a path to a successful career. And if you are still having problems then get help from JAIIB online study material of Myonlineprep.

Here is a list of the type of questions you will see in the JAIIB examination:

  • Conceptual grasp
  • Knowledge testing
  • Logical / Analytical exposition
  • Case analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Questions regarding the latest development in the finance and banking sectors may be asked in the JAIIB exams
  • Regularly checking the financial newspapers and financial periodicals like bank quest and IIB vision is advised to the candidates.


What is the Cost of JAIIB Exam Registration?

The exam registration fee for the JAIIB exam differs according to your attempts. For the first attempt, the fee is 2400INR plus additional tax. For the second, third and fourth attempt the registration fee is on thousand rupees plus the additional tax.

The rule of attempts and fee has changed by the IIBF from the November and December 2017. Currently, there is no second attempt thing, you have to pay fully for each attempt you make and fill the form for each attempt separately. That means no matter how many times you appear in the JAIIB examination you need to fill the form each time and pay the same fee for each attempt.


When to give the JAIIB?

If you are working in the finance or the banking sector and wish to get an increment on your pay and want to get promoted to a higher post then consider taking this exam. This exam is held twice every year i.e. May/June and Dec/Nov. you can fill the form for the JAIIB examination and appear in it. There is not an ideal time to go for these exams if you want to climb the ladder to the success in the banking and finance sectors then go for it. These exams will also help you to work more efficiently in your current jobs. And in the end, even if you do not want any increment having some additional knowledge about the field you are working in does not hurt.


Advantages of Cracking the JAIIB Exams While Working.

The Reserve Bank of India has recommended the JAIIB for the workers of the bank because by clearing this exam they can do their work more efficiently.

Clearing the exams even after getting a job in any financial institution will assist you in the following ways:

After cracking the JAIIB and CAIIB exams you’ll be qualified for 2 increments. Aside from these increments, these exams also assist in getting department posting like corporate loans, forex, treasury etc. For getting promotion these examinations are ideal. If you get good grades in the examination then you are more likely to get higher salaries and good post in the private sector banks.

  • The possibility of the career advancement is increased wit organized learning pattern with a definite period of time.
  • Acquire or hone the capabilities needed to do various tasks related to their estimated future jobs.
  • To help the bankers to get specialized and appropriate qualifications by means of high standard current knowledge in the field of banking and other related subjects in order to have further specialized qualifications which guarantee the job advancement.

An online JAIIB Coaching is ideal for preparing for these exams.


How to crack the JAIIB exams

  1. Clearing the JAIIB exams without proper preparation is a pretty hard task and it is a fact that while working on the ten-hour shifts the bank employees do not get enough time to prepare for these exams. That is the reason why a lot of candidates appear in these exams with last-minute preparations with firefighting condition. However, with the help of Myonlineprep’s JAIIB study material along with routine basis classes and study plan it is a piece of cake to crake these types of exam with ease.
  2. The examinations for the JAIIB certifications are held two times in a year i.e. in the month of May or June and November or December. Any candidate should start preparing for these exams before two or three months, only then you will be able to crack these exams easily. The first thing you need to do is preparing a routine for studying at least one hour every day and going all out on the weekends is necessary. you read that right you need to sacrifice your holidays throughout the preparation time. Get your study material from Myonlineprep and start studying; your every query will be answered by experts at Myonlineprep. You can study every subject of the syllabus on every alternate day. That way you can quickly build the habit of studying every day.
  3. After finishing a topic try to create questions from that, think about the different ways of setting the questions from the topics and think about how you can set the question from the topic. You can also easily track your progress with the help of JAIIB online mock test available at Myonlineprep. Match your question with the mock test answers. By solving the JAIIB mock papers you are more likely to remember all the things you have studied for a longer time.
  4. You should clear the syllabus of all the three books of the JAIIB examinations before a week of exam date, throughout the last remaining week, revise all the contents of that subject whose exams is going to take place after the week. Throughout the revise, session tries to go through as many mock tests as you can. Do not go for any mock test you find on the internet these mock tests are usually out of date, these will mislead you in the most crucial time. Go for the mock test available at Myonlineprep the authenticated sources for JAIIB study materials.
  5. Now the most crucial part, during the exam read all the instruction and questions carefully and try to solve the questions which seems easy to you or those you are confident in, Do not try to solve the hard and complicated questions first it will consume too much time without any gain. Leave every tough question for later; first, solve the ones where you are 100% confident. After finishing these easy questions go back to the skipped ones. Try to make a smart guess if you are not sure about the answers. And do not leave any question without trying to solve it since there are no negative markings in the JAIIB exams.
  6. If you want detailed information and help to crack the JAIIB examinations then go log in to Myonlineprep and enjoy the expert guidance with all the latest study materials and mock test.


Importance of Study Materials

The study material you use for the preparation of any exam is the most vital thing; you can say that your success in the exams depends on it. If you study from the source which vague and does not have too much according to the latest syllabus then even if you study hard you will still have a lot of problems in cracking the exams. The same goes for the JAIIB examination.

The topics of the JAIIB exams are various guidelines and acts of financial sectors and directly quoted circulars all this material is written in the light of legal aspects. That is the reason why a lot of candidates of JAIIB exams fail to crack the exams or get bad scores. The non-commerce candidates particularly face too many problems.

If the study material is written in easy not so scientific writing then understanding and studying it becomes easier. It is always frustrating especially for the non-commerce students to study with the books written in the professional/tough language. Doing self-study with that kind of material is impossible.

Luckily experts at Myonlineprep have found a solution to this problem with a comprehensive study. Our expert faculty members have prepared JAIIB study material which easies to understand even for a non-commerce candidate. Each one of our experts has years of knowledge in the finance and banking field and they are well aware of the contents which came out in these type of exams. All this makes them able to prepare the top-class study material.

With the help of study material with coverage of the latest development in the financial field and latest circular as per the IIBF provided by Myonlineprep, one can easily crack the JAIIB exams.

You will get downloadable chapter wise PDF format study material at Myonlineprep. The study material is specially and strategically made for the following advantages.

  • With this PDF format study material, you do not need to carry a hard copy of books everywhere.
  • You can study these materials from anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks.
  • Practice questions are linked with these chapter wise performances which one can easily access.

A well-designed chapter wise study material is essential for the success in the JAIIB examination. And one can get access to just that type of study material at Myonlineprep. Just log in here and you will get everything you need to crack the JAIIB exam in one fell scoop.


Importance of Practice Question Sets

For attaining perfection in anything one needs to do a lot of practice. it is due to this fact that it is rightly said practice makes man perfect. Similarly in order to crack the JAIIB exam, one needs to prepare himself with all the possible practice questions.

Chapter wise preparations for the JAIIB exam are a wise choice since IIBF doesn’t disclose too many questions which will be asked in the examination from the particular module or chapters. So it is necessary to prepare yourself for all the possible outcomes and study the entire syllabus. Since it is quite challenging to prepare the entire syllabus, Myonlineprep provides well-designed exercise question which will help the candidates to practice before the actual exam.

With the help of practice question set Check which your weak and strong topics are; after this assessment, you can prepare a study module according to your weaknesses and strengths. Time management in the JAIIB exams is very important since these exams are time-based, in order to attempt all the questions you need to manage your time accordingly, with the help of practice questions set you will get an idea about the time each question takes for you to finish, you can distribute your available time in accordance with that.

If you have a sound knowledge of the study material and have gone through it thoroughly you can easily qualify these practice question sets. At Myonlineprep in each practice question set we have a fixed benchmark of 80% marks, if you are performing well in these exams and getting the 80% qualifying marks then it is guaranteed you will do well in the exams.


Importance of JAIIB Mock test

In the last stage of preparation for the JAIIB exams, the Full-length mock test plays an important role. You can get a realistic exam experience with the help of a full-length mock test. These are ideal to check how much you really understand about the concepts of the examinations. Going through this section of Myonlineprep means you have gone through practice questions and mock test multiple times and you are ready to crack the exam.

You will get 125+ sets of JAIIB mock test at Myonlineprep. Each one of these mock tests consists of 30-40 questions which are prepared in a way to help to check your preparation level. For the actual assessment for your exam preparation this section is ideal.


Best of Luck!