IIBF has finally announced the registration dates of both CAIIB and JAIIB examination. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exams were postponed many times. But, not the final registration and examination dates are official announced by IIBF on their official website.

Both the exams are going to be conducted in the physical classroom environment under social distancing measures. The JAIIB exams are about to start from 6th December 2020. Likewise, the registration links for the JAIIB exam will begin from 9th November 2020.

On the other hand, candidates can change the Centre/ venue Batch if required from 3rd November 2020. The link to change the exam center will be active from 3rd November to 8th November 2020.

Exam Dates and Registration Dates for JAIIB December 2020

S.No Paper/Exam Scheduled Date Revised/New Date Registration Date
1 Principles and Practices of Banking 01-11-2020 06-12-2020

09-Nov-2020 to 15-Nov-2020 with (Normal Fees)

16 Nov 2020 to 22 Nov 2020 (Normal Fees + Rs. 100)

2 Accounting and Finance for Bankers 08-11-2020 12-12-2020
3 Legal and Respiratory Aspects of Banking  22-11-2020 13-12-2020


Exam Dates and Registration Dates for CAIIB December 2020

S. No Paper/Exam Scheduled Date Revised/New Date Registration Date
1 Advanced Bank Management 06-12-2020 20-12-2020

09-November 2020 to 15th November 2020 (Normal Fees)

16-November-2020 to 22-November 2020
(Normal Fees+ Rs.100)

2 Bank Financial Management 13-12-2020 26-12-2020
3 Corporate Banking (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
4 Rural Banking (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
5 International Banking (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
6 Retail Banking (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
7 Co-operative Banking (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
8 Financial Advising (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
9 Human Resources Management (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
10 Information Technology (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
11 Risk Management (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
12 Central Banking (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020
13 Treasury Management (Elective) 20-12-2020 27-12-2020


However, the candidates who have already registered for the JAIIB exam need not registered again. Those JAIIB aspirants are directly eligible for December 2020 examination. A revised Admit letter will be generated for the candidates who change the Centre/ Venue Batch. The revised letter will be sent to email the candidate's registered email and be available in the candidate's login profile. Change of the examination center will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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