JAIIB May 2021

JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) exam is among the most awaited exams every year.

Now that the date for the JAIIB exam 2021 is out, you must be wondering whether you can crack the exam in your first attempt.

After months of preparation and years of waiting to reach your career goals, it is quite common to be anxious. Well, not anymore!

Whether you have already accelerated your JAIIB preparation or need some fixes in your strategy, here is the best solution.

We are about to go through an invincible preparation strategy that will take you closer to your goal than ever before. But wait!

Before beginning with the unmatchable preparation strategy, let’s start with rewinding the goals. Yes, the goals which need to keep you driven all along the journey of your preparation.

This is important as you are about to step-up in your career. What else can be the bigger motivation than the goal you have been dreaming of for so long?

So, let’s dive in!

Significance Of The JAIIB Exam: Why Is It Important To Crack JAIIB In Your First Attempt?

The main motive behind designing this flagship course is to help the candidates who want to excel in their financial careers.

IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) conducts the JAIIB exam twice a year to test the knowledge of skills of employees in the banking sector.

But, to be elaborate, the exam focuses on testing the awareness of the employees followed by their abilities to lead higher positions.

Once you clear JAIIB followed by CAIIB, you will be eligible for increments and promotions to higher positions.

Being in the banking sector, every single employee has the ambition to reach a higher position. The JAIIB exam opens the door and paves the way to your dream position.

With all those benefits and a chance to change your dream to reality, why not make it happen in your first attempt? Myonlineprep, with the complete range of JAIIB resources, is all set to be your best companion in your crucial days of preparation.

Tips To Crack The JAIIB Exam In Your First Attempt:

1. Awareness about the exam date and exam pattern

IIBF has announced both the date for JAIIB registration 2021 followed by the exam dates. The exam dates for the JAIIB exam to be conducted in May and November are as follows


Date of Registration

Date of Examination

Principles and Practices of Banking


24-02-2021 to 21-03-2021


01-09-2021 to 30-09-2021

02-05-2021 & 07-11-2021

Accounting and Finance for Bankers

09-05-2021 & 14-11-2021

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking

16-05-2021 & 21-11-2021

Now that you know about the JAIIB exam registration 2021 and JAIIB exam dates 2021 apply online, you should be clear about the time remaining for you.

Those dates will help us in preparing a concrete strategy to accomplish the JAIIB exam syllabus. 

Right after getting a clear idea about the preparation period, you are remaining with it; it’s time to know about the JAIIB exam pattern. IIBF also announced the exam pattern for JAIIB 2021 clearly, which is as follows

  1. The JAIIB question paper will contain about 120 objective type questions
  2. The weight for the entire paper will be 100 marks without any negative marking, which also may include case studies
  3. The entire exam will be conducted in Online mode only
  4. The duration of the exam will be 2 hours
  5. Candidates can fill their choice between Hindi or English at the time of registration

Right after knowing about exam patterns, you should know about the JAIIB syllabus in detail to frame an invincible JAIIB preparation strategy. The JAIIB exam syllabus is as follows: -


Syllabus (Modules)

Principles and Practices of Banking

A-Indian Financial System

B- Functions of Banks

C- Banking Technology

D-Support Services

E- Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

Accounting and Finance for Bankers

A-Business Mathematics and Finance


B- Principles of Bookkeeping and Accountancy


C- Final Accounts


D-Banking Operations

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking

A-Regulations and compliance


B-Legal Aspects of Banking Operations


C-Banking Related Laws


D-Commercials Laws with Reference to Banking operations

On top of all that information, being a JAIIB aspirant you should also be aware of the passing criteria.  As per IIBF, you can pass the exam by

  • A minimum of 50 marks is required to pass any subject on the paper
  • You can also complete the exam by securing at least 45 marks in each subject and getting an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects
  • The credits for a subject can be retained by the candidate before the expiry of the time limit
  • The candidate should pass the exam in 4 consecutive attempts i.e. within a time limit of 2 years

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2. Gathering JAIIB resources

Now that you are aware of everything regarding the JAIIB exam, you are all set to craft your study schedule.

Well, before that, you need to gather all the resources required to accomplish the JAIIB syllabus.

The best way to gather all the study resources required for JAIIB to find a platform that provides all kinds of resources in one place. Myonlineprep is undoubtedly the best possible choice for your requirements in this case.

You can find all kinds of advanced JAIIB resources including:-

⮚      Advanced JAIIB study materials crafted by the senior-most banking experts infusing every single topic in an easy and understandable way

⮚      Dedicated top-rated JAIIB video lessons for complete JAIIB syllabus with slide wise explanation

⮚      Advanced JAIIB mock tests framed from previous year papers by experienced professionals

⮚      Unlimited practice test questions for every single topic to prepare after the class

On preferring Myonlineprep, you can unlock the world of endless support for the JAIIB exam India. Besides, you won’t need to look anywhere else for JAIIB resources, as the success rate of the institution is by all means reliable.

3. Framing a proper study schedule

One needs to prepare a timetable based on the challenging level of each subject. If you are from a non-commerce background, you should prefer AFB as your topmost priority.

Well, regular video classes followed by attempting practice test questions can turn your weakness into strength easily.

It is better to study PPB and LRB on alternative days besides AFB. Being theoretical and case studies-based papers, it is essential to go through them regularly. However, subjects like LRB can be a tough task for any JAIIB aspirant as there are plenty of things to memorize.

While crafting a preparation strategy, make sure to allot a specific space for a mock test before the examination date.

These peak days before the exam are pretty crucial if you want to get expected results from your preparation.

Similarly, it is best to leave some space after every class to try the practice test question of every topic.

The experts at Myonlineprep can help you make the best preparation strategy to last up to the exam date successfully.

4. Use of JAIIB video lessons: -

When it comes to professional-grade competitive exams, even one wrong is not affordable.

Every single mark in every subject helps to score overall qualifying marks. Thus, it is crucial to listen to the classes by experts. Myonlineprep has a team of the most experienced banking faculty to fill you with enough knowledge to attempt every single question in the exam.          

Slide-wise detailed explanation ensures the best delivery of basic knowledge to in-depth knowledge of every single topic.

Thus, you won’t miss even a single bit from anywhere and have the potential to attempt every question. Right from the beginning of your preparation, make sure to listen to every video lesson regularly.

5. Use of JAIIB study materials: -

Going through the study materials after every class is essential to get in-depth knowledge. Myonlineprep provides advanced JAIIB study materials with the whole JAIIB syllabus.

The best part about those study materials is you can get to any topic easily whenever you doubt your content in mind.

On the other hand, you can access the JAIIB ebook from anywhere at any time in a hassle-free way using the app.

So, you can start your preparation whenever you want whether you are traveling or having a leisure time in the office.

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6. Use of JAIIB advanced mock tests:-

Mock tests are the savior for all the JAIIB aspirants in one way or the other. If you have already completed your JAIIB syllabus then you can test your abilities using those mock tests.

On the other hand, if you are not having time to accomplish the syllabus, the important question models can help you score well.

Make sure to attempt as many mock tests as possible before a few weeks of the exam to make the best use of them.

Myonlineprep provides unlimited mock tests crafted by senior-most banking experts. Most of the questions are most likely to appear in the upcoming JAIIB examinations.

Thus, you will have a concrete backup before facing your JAIIB question paper with these mock tests. You can access all the advanced mock tests from anywhere using the app.

7. Maintain consistency: -

Last but not least, you need to be consistent throughout your preparation days to achieve your expected results.

Myonlineprep can help you improve your preparation strategy in case you step out of our regular preparation for some reason. But, it is essential to try and be on track until the exam date arrives.

One can easily crack the JAIIB exam in the first attempt by following these tips in crafting an invincible preparation strategy.

Myonlineprep can be your best study companion throughout your preparation helping you in every step towards success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I apply for JAIIB 2021?

Both the registration and application dates to attempt the JAIIB examination are released by IIBF.  If you are preparing for the JAIIB exam to be conducted in May then the registration dates were from 24th February to 21st March. Similarly for the November JAIIB exam applied online from Sept 1st to Sept 30th.

2. Is the JAIIB exam postponed?

No, as per the recent announcement by IIBF, the JAIIB exam for 2021 is likely to be conducted from the 2nd to the 16th of May. There is no information for postponement of the JAIIB examination till now. You can get instant notifications through Myonlineprep about any kind of updates in the future.  You can also stay tuned with IIBF officials for any further announcements.

3. How can I apply for the JAIIB exam 2021?

If you are already a member of IIBF, you can easily apply for the JAIIB exam through IIBF official website. All you have to do is open the website, go to the exam sections, select the flagship course and click on the application form.  The exam fees followed by the membership ID and some more details are required to fill the application.

4. How much is the increment after JAIIB?

JAIIB focuses on the awareness of the institution members on the entire banking sector. Thus you will get one increment in salary after passing the JAIIB.  Later on, after passing CAIIB you will get two more increments in your salary considering the basic pay and annual pay policies.

5. Is the JAIIB exam tough?

JAIIB is a professional-grade flagship course designed to test the knowledge and leadership abilities of banking employees.  But, it will not be tough if you are under the guidance of a reputed institution like Myonlineprep. You can get all kinds of JAIIB resources starting from video lessons to advanced mock tests to accomplish your JAIIB syllabus.

6. Can a non-banker apply for JAIIB?

No, the JAIIB course is designed especially for bank employees, specifically for the members of the IIBF institution. If you are a bank employee from an authorized bank, you can apply for the membership directly from the IIBF website. But, if you are not a banker, you are not eligible for JAIIB.

7. Can I give JAIIB and CAIIB together?

No, you are eligible for CAIIB only after qualifying for JAIIB. CAIIB is a kind of next-level flagship course intending to enhance your financial skills. But, as IIBF conducts both the exams twice a year, you can attempt both the exams in the same year once you crack the JAIIB exam.

8. How many attempts are there in JAIIB?

IIBF provides the chance of 4 consecutive attempts to JAIIB aspirants. If you want to crack the examination, you will be required to pass the exam within a time limit of 2 years. You need to secure at least 45 marks in each subject to make an aggregate total of 50% marks in all subjects to pass the exam.

9. Does the JAIIB exam have negative marking?

No, there is no negative marking for wrong attempts in the JAIIB examination. Besides, the minimum mark for passing in a subject is 50 out of 100. But you can also manage to clear the exam if you score at least 45 marks and an aggregate of 50 marks. IIBF also allows credit retention from the preferred subject by the candidate.

10. Is JAIIB a professional qualification?

If you are working in an authorized bank eligible for IIBF membership, then the two-paper diploma will serve as a professional qualification. The certification can also help you to make a career in microfinance. Besides promotion and increments, you will be also promoted to higher positions with this qualification.

11. What is the benefit of the JAIIB exam?

JAIIB exam is a flagship course designed to infuse analytical skills or logical reasoning skills in a bank employee. It also enhances the decision-making and problem-solving capacity of the candidates to lead different verticals of a financial institution. The JAIIB syllabus comes with all important banking concepts for the bank employees.

12. What is the exam fee for JAIIB?

The standard exam fee for JAIIB for your first attempt is Rs. 2700. Later on, the fees reduce to 1300 for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th attempts. If you pay the fee before the registration date, you need to pay only this standard fee. But if you fail to pay the fee within the date of registration, an extra amount will be applied.

13. What are the three subjects in JAIIB?

The three subjects in JAIIB include PPB (Principles and Practices of Banking), AFB (Accounting and Finance for bankers), and LRB (Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking). Furthermore, each of these subjects is divided into different modules containing different topics related to the banking sector.

14. How can I clear JAIIB in the first attempt?

You can clear JAIIB in the first attempt by gathering the best study resources from a reputed platform like Myonlineprep. Besides, you need to be consistent in your preparation until your exam date. If you are consistent in using all the resources in the best way, you will surely clear JAIIB in your first attempt this year.

15. Who gives the JAIIB exam?

JAIIB is a flagship course designed exclusively for IIBF members. If you are a bank employee from an authorized bank, you can apply for membership from the IIBF official website. Any bank employee with IIBF membership can give the JAIIB exam to excel in their financial career.

16. How can I qualify for JAIIB?

First of all, you need to be a bank employee from an authorized bank that comes under IIBF. Now, all you have to do is apply for the IIBF membership from the IIBF official website, and that’s it. You are eligible to attempt the JAIIB examination. You can check the eligibility criteria from the website.

17. What is the meaning of JAIIB?

JAIIB refers to Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. It is a flagship course specially designed to enhance the awareness, knowledge, and skills of the bank employees to lead different verticals of the bank sector. IIBF conducts JAIIB twice every year in the months of May and November.