There is no limit to success in any field. One should work harder and harder to achieve growth in one’s career. In the Banking sector, there are two famous exams in order to get an increment. These are JAIIB and CAIIB. They are the flagship programs of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). It is the body of banks and financial institutions and professionals in the banking and finance industry. It was established on 30th April 1928. The main objective of IIBF is to facilitate the banking and finance industry of India.

JAIIB and CAIIB stand for Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers and Chartered Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers respectively. For appearing in both of the exams, a candidate has to take membership in IIBF. Both exams are conducted twice every year. Firstly, one has to clear JAIIB as it is a basic level exam and then only, he/she can appear for CAIIB as it is a higher-level exam than JAIIB. One can prepare for the exam by regularly giving mock tests. Myonlineprep.com offers a good level of mock tests which is at par with the level of both the exams. Moreover, it also has a variety of online programs which a candidate can choose according to his needs.

In order to make the best out of your preparation effort, the one thing that you should rely on most is the fact that the more full-length mock tests you practice on; the better your chances of clearing these exams will be. Keeping this in mind we offer mock tests from all chapters of the book and 5 full-length mock test papers for each examination. So, these will help you a great deal in your preparation for the upcoming JAIIB and CAIIB exams.

Why Mock Tests?

• Reflects actual preparation level- Any mock test is basically designed to test the actual preparation level of the candidate. Usually, students think that their preparation is going well but the actual level is known only after giving mock tests.

• Helps to know strengths- The moment a student does the analysis of the mock test, he or knows what are his/her strengths. Hence, it is an important part of a student’s preparation.

• Helps to know weakness – Students are able to know where they are lacking. Mistakes are a part of everyone’s life. In preparation also, a student can improve his level and have a good command of the topics only after proper analyzing and working on those mistakes.

• Work under pressure- Each mock test has a certain time limit in which the candidate has to answer the questions asked. A timer is there on top of the screen which tells how much time is left. Hence, it helps to prepare under pressure.