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 Principles and practices of banking


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 Accounting and finance for bankers


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 Legal and regulatory aspects of banking


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One of the important parameters, in preparing for JAIIB exams, is to practice more and more with probable questions chapter-wise and Full-Length mock tests. 

JAIIB mock test will help you to get familiar with the test-taking environment and make a strategy to crack the exam.

If you are in need to clear your JAIIB exams with good marks then you need to practice well to clear your exams with a good percentage. Though the subjects covered in this exam are a little bit difficult to study. Myonlineprep is the website that helps you in this process to practice well for these exams. In this article, we can see the practices given by them in detail

Myonlineprep is a dedicated online institute that provides JAIIB chapter-wise mock tests as well as full-length mock tests with the answer explanation. Practising chapter-wise question sets will make you an expert; you will be more familiar and comfortable with the topics. On the other hand, full-length mock tests in the same format as the original one lets you understand the nuances associated with these exams, also it will certainly give you a realistic exam experience.

Each mock test conducted by them is based on the present syllabus hence it is easy to prepare and get updated with the present syllabus of the IIBF. The various types of practices given by them to clear your exams with the highest pass percentage are given below.

Through online videos

To prepare for the exam they teach you about the lessons related to the exam through the videos. This helps you in easy understand of the lessons in a short span of time. The benefits of this method are given below:

  • You can watch this video at any time by logging in to the website.
  • These video lessons are prepared by the experts in the subjects, which makes you get involved in the subject easier.
  • One of the great advantages is that you need not want to go for any special coaching class while learning through this method. 
  • Overall, this is the best guide to prepare for your jaiib exams efficiently without any stress.

JAIIB Mock Test Video

Principles and practices of banking

Accounting and finance for bankers

Legal and regulatory aspects of banking

Through the JAIIB study materials

They provide the study materials regarding the lessons provided in the exam So that you can practice well in the jaiib online mock test. The study materials provided by them can be used by you either through the website or by downloading the study material from the website. The lessons covered in this jaiib study material are:

To perform well in all papers of JAIIB, you need to create a strategy on the order in which you would attempt different chapters and the time you would spend on each of them. This strategy can easily be developed by attempting multiple JAIIB mock tests and practice questions sets.

JAIIB Mock Test - Steps of Preparation

steps of jaiib mock test preparation

JAIIB is an exam that aims to provide the students with the maximum level of basic knowledge in basic accountancy, financial and banking systems, customer relations, banking technology and the legal aspects that are important in daily banking operations. Most people try to pass the examination with a week or two of preparation, while some do even less. No matter how fluent a person is with these concepts, it would be difficult to get through the test without prior preparations.

Cracking the examination without preparation is indeed a tough job. Bankers have to put in about 10 hours of work every day and this is definitely tiring. This means without a proper routine it would be quite impossible to get regular lessons on each subject matter. This means once you have decided to sit for the examination, it is important to chalk out a proper routine that can lead you to success. Also make it a habit of noting down important facts, mostly if you struggle with remembering them. It will go a long way in helping you with revisions, and ultimately, getting you through the exam.

What are the steps that you need to follow for the test?

The entire syllabus is not something that you can engulf in a single day or a week. You would need at least 2 months of preparation time if you want to get through it. If you are appearing for the JAIIB exam in May this year, you should very well be starting today.

  1. Before you do anything else, you would need to make a study plan. If you are serious about the exam, you cannot have anything else planned for this period. You would need to focus only on the exam and stick to the study plan that you make. Make an outline of what you would be studying on a particular day or week. You can keep a day or two empty on your calendar so that you can revisit a topic that you feel did not get enough time. However, you should try sticking to the schedule as much as possible. In this way, when you sit for the examination, you would feel assured of yourself. You would not be leaving out any portion of the syllabus.
  2. It is always a good idea to start with something that you are comfortable with. If you get into something that you are not comfortable with, you might start getting stuck very often and hence distracted. Considering that you are starting right before the examination, this is not something that you can afford to do. Time is of the essence and there are quite a few things that you need to cover in these few days. Once you are warmed up and made it a habit to study regularly, you can start reading other books and move on to topics that are a little more difficult.
  3. Develop your routine in a way so as to keep in touch with all the books as you progress. You should not be studying only the ones that intrigue you and leave out the matter that is difficult. Try and finish the entire subject matter at least 2 weeks before the exam. This would give you enough time to revise the topics that you are a little doubtful about. You should also be able to sit for mock tests that would help you to stay prepared.
  4. Ensure to study the books in a manner that you can spot the questions and answer them in your head. This will help you to rule out the chances of getting surprised from portions that you have already gone through.
  5. Always make sure to check your progress at the end of each chapter.

These steps are very easy to follow. If you stick to them, you can clear JAIIB without any hassle.