Download JAIIB Study Plan July 2020

Determination and consistency are more important tools than just hard work, be determined and never hop from making consistent efforts.


Preparation for Flagship courses like JAIIB surely needs some determination and this term of lockdown will count your determination levels from all aspects. As we know, the lockdown has been extended to the third of May as announced by our Prime Minister. Thus, you can now advance your study plan to the next level with an even more effective preparation strategy with Myonlineprep.

A routine-based JAIIB study plan accompanied by the companionship of Myonlineprep throughout your days of preparation from home is one of the best opportunities that none of your previous batches has ever thought of. Use these days at your home for preparation and aim at perfection in all three subjects so that none of the questions in the exam paper is left with a question mark from any aspect.


Attempt as many mock tests and practise tests that are always available at Myonlineprep as your most valuable tool. This will enhance your time management skills and ensure that not a single topic from the syllabus is left unanswered. Moreover, our experts are always with you to clear any kind of doubt and keep you motivated and consistent throughout your days of preparation.

Don’t miss this chance from your hands at any cost, as it can be your golden opportunity to crack the JAIIB exam this year. 

JAIIB Study Plan