Re-schedule JAIIB Exam Dates

Re-schedule of JAIIB examinations (May 2019) due to Lok Sabha Election.

JAIIB examination was scheduled on 5th May, 12th May and 19th May 2019 for some centres.

Due to the recent announcement of the Lok Sabha election schedule, the examination schedule dated 12th May and 19th May 2019 is coinciding with the election date in 90 Centre/City. Therefore, Institute has decided to reschedule the exam date as mentioned below for those of the affected 90 centres.

The Exam scheduled on 12-May-2019 is re-scheduled on 25-May 2019 (4th Saturday)
The Exam scheduled for 19-May 2019 is re-scheduled for 26-May 2019 (4th Sunday)

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Please check the IIBF website for more details.