The ideal time to prepare JAIIB & CAIIB exam

Exams that are conducted by the Indian Institute of Bankers are crafted mainly to test the knowledge of the aspirants in banking sectors and their skills required for the case studies in real-time situations. Nonetheless, the syllabus for these exams is also crafted in a similar way to make sure every required aspect of the banking sector is touched while preparing. For the authorized bankers those who are from a non-commerce background, these subjects and the exam pattern may be quite new and requires whole new preparation tactics different from the academic practices.

Being flagship-grade professional examinations, these are also completely different from other banking examinations. This is the main reason that most aspirants get fewer marks or get disqualified as they follow the conventional pattern and strategy required for it.

However, if you are new to this sector it is always better to join a coaching institute or an online tutoring site or else an institution which provides both of them such as Myonlinevidya. This site also provides high-quality study materials accompanied by the online mock test to nurture the students with its best efforts making sure that no questions in the exam paper are left unattempted.

Best time to start the preparation for JAIIB & CAIIB exams for an aspirant from a commerce background

If you are a commerce student and have already faced these kinds of exams in your past that are conducted by other banking sectors then at least 3 months of consistent practice and preparation is surely required to pass the examinations. Seeing the syllabus, one may think that topics are quite easy and can be completed before even a week from exams but the questions that will be in the question paper will be advanced and deeper versions of those topics in the syllabus.

The best way to prepare in a limited time

  1. Soon after the notifications are released, aspirants should get into the exam pattern and the syllabus by setting the necessary JAIIB/CAIIB study materials and joining necessary online classes or coaching institutes. The main reason for joining the online tutoring site or coaching classes is that the experienced faculty members can help you regain the knowledge from your basic studies in college and strengthen them. Being a commerce student, the regular online class should be enough followed by the preparation of the study materials provided by the institute.
  2. Make sure to join the classes and start JAIIB/CAIIB preparation on or before 3 months to ensure that all topics in three papers are completed before a week or two from the exams. This makes it easy to go for constant revision of all subjects and units.
  3. Attempt as many tests as possible after the whole syllabus is completed in the classes and also prepared well. There is a strong chance that you can find some skipped or unfinished topics which can be prepared once again in the remaining time.
  4. Listen to the tips and strategies explained by the faculty members before the examination other than preparing constantly without any knowledge of the question models in the exam.
  5. 2 to 3 hours of daily preparation ensures that the entire subject is completed and revised within 3 months which also reduces the stress that occurs before a week from exams. At this point in time, the entire syllabus and revision should be completed and tests should be focused on more than anything for a sincere aspirant who is desperate to crack both JAIIB and CAIIB exams.

For an aspirant from non-commerce background

Being from a non-commerce background, some topics in the syllabus may seem unfamiliar to you. Subjects like Accounting and finance will be quite tough for such students due to the never attempted numerical problems and case studies. It is best for such aspirants to get to a coaching institute as soon as possible and some weaker students have low grasping skills or aspirants who are distant from their basic studies due to the job. Long-term coaching is also considered better for such candidates to complete the entire syllabus with deeper knowledge on every subject to competing with the commerce students who are more in number in such banking exams.

The best way of preparation

  1. The first and foremost thing to do before starting the preparation for exams is to analyze the exam pattern where each exam has four different modules and each module has some categorized topics. For the JAIIB exam, it is best to follow the pattern of Module A, Module C, Module B, and Module D if you going for online preparation as the third module carries more marks than others in the exam.
  2. If you are choosing the classroom preparation then you can be ensured of covering each and every topic by the most experienced faculty members of the institute. Online tutoring site such as Myonlinevidya has the most experienced faculty team that went through required training for those exams and are ex-employees in high-profile banking jobs. The faculty members can explain every topic in different slides so that you can get an in-depth knowledge of every topic present in the syllabus. Direct interaction as per the requirement of the students also makes sure that every topic is understood leaving no traces of dilemma on any topic. Moreover, the tips and strategies explained by the professors for attempting the numerical problems can be highly helpful for such aspirants
  3. Besides, regular attendance in the class, you should also go through consistent preparation for at least two hours per day so that the topics that are completed in the class can be revised in a better way.
  4. Attempting for tests on every completed topic in the class is essential for such students as the weaker section of the subjects can be identified and further nurtured by the teachers especially. This also makes sure that every topic is completed leaving no skipped topics.
  5. Make sure that the preparation of the entire syllabus is completed before a week from the exams to get into constant revisions and a series of JAIIB/ CAIIB mock tests. This not only improves the time management skills but also makes the entire exam pattern and exam environment familiar to the candidates before the exams.

After completion of the JAIIB exams, aspirants can get an overview of the CAIIB which contains the advanced versions of topics in the syllabus. The same pattern can also be followed for the next level exams to some extent but the preparation strategy could be modified to some extent.