The Bihar Public Service Commission examination is the doorway to prestigious positions in the Bihar Public Service. The abbreviation for this popular examination is BPSC. The prominent Government bodies like Bihar Administrative Service, Bihar Police Service, and Bihar Financial Service recruit through the BPSC examinations.

Why are BPSC examinations so competitive?

The successful candidates can be recruited to eminent positions such as Circle Officer, Senior Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Commercial Tax Officer, Product Inspector, Sugarcane officer, minority welfare officer, etc. It is needless to say that this examination attracts a huge number of qualified applicants. The number of applicants is expected to be over three hundred thousand for the next BPSC Examination. Only the best performers in the BPSC Examination can expect to get selected.

It is said that in any competitive activity, the person who emerges as the winner is the one who has trained the hardest and the smartest. The mental state of the candidate during those few hours of examination is also vitally important. A study has shown that the topper in an examination or the winner of a sporting event is not the one who has just studied or practised the most. The one who emerges as the winner is the one who has practised the most under those conditions in which the examination or the sporting event is held.

It is a well-known fact that a person cannot learn to swim by practising on land. He or she has to get into the water. Similarly, a cricketer cannot excel by limiting himself or herself to reading a coaching manual at home. He or she has to play proper practice matches in order to excel as a competitive cricketer. The rule also applies to BPSC Mock test examinations.

The question is how does a candidate who wants to top the BPSC examination, practice under the exact conditions?

The answer is to keep appearing in BPSC Mock Test Examinations. It is said that once a person can reap a habit, he or she can harvest a destiny. It is a well-established psychological fact that repetition leads to a habit. The BPSC examination is not a test of memory. This examination is divided into BPSC prelims, BPSC Main and interviews. The candidate who performs the best in these four tests becomes the topper. Therefore, the topper is not the one who knows the most or has studied the hardest. The BPSC examination topper is the one who performs the best in the BPSC prelim, BPSC Main and Interview. It is a little-known secret that the topper of the BPSC Examination is the one who has appeared for the maximum number of Mock Tests. The topper does not always want to give out his or her secret. This crucial correlation between the top candidates in the BPSC Examination and the number of Mock tests he or she has appeared in is a well-kept secret.

Why should you appear for as many Mock Tests as possible?

Research on the human brain has shown that the brain creates neurological pathways by building new neurons for activities. The greater the number of Mock tests you appear in, the more will be the neurons the brain creates for you to successfully score on the test. For example, when a baby is born, he or she has to learn to walk. However, with time and practice, the activity of walking comes naturally to a person. This is due to the aforementioned fact that the brain creates neurons, which fire the correct impulse, and sends the message to the appropriate muscle for the person to walk successfully without even having to think about it. The same principle can be used to practice by repeatedly appearing in BPSC Mock Tests to emerge as a topper in the BPSC Examinations.

How can you motivate yourself to appear for the BPSC Mock examinations repeatedly?

The use of visualization is highly recommended. When you have to pull yourself up, get ready and go for a mock test and other candidates are sitting at home, you can visualize that your repeated appearance has led to your dream job as an important and well-respected Government officer. You can visualize the awestruck eyes of the people who put you down when they come to know that you are a DSP, Circle officer, Commercial Tax Officer Etc. The Mock examination is the doorway to that position.

The correlation between repeated appearance in BPSC Mock Tests and a high BPSC score is a secret

Did you know that scientists and astronomers of the previous era had thought that the sun rotated around the earth? An Italian astronomer by the name of Galileo was the first to correct this mistake. The scientific community at that time considered Galileo to be a mad person for claiming that the earth rotated around the sun. However, Galileo knew deep down that he was right and the others were wrong. Today, the scientific community laughs at those scientists and astronomers who had laughed at Galileo. The important part about repeatedly appearing for BPSC Mock examinations is that the positive correlation between the number of BPSC Mock tests a candidate has appeared in and his or her score in the BPSC examination is a fact and also a guarded secret. It is advisable that you do not listen to the detractors who think that mock tests are not important.

Many meritorious candidates suffer jitters during examinations

The BPSC examination is a time-bound process. Research by psychologists has shown that meritorious candidates who lose precious minutes due to exam phobia are not able to perform according to their merit. This experience often leads these meritorious candidates towards performance anxiety, mental health issues, and suicidal depression. The repeated appearance in Mock tests will guard against any exam-related anxiety.

The Officers appointed under BPSC are the Office Heads. They are the ones who are handpicked by the Government to take important decisions. The positions are for the well-prepared and not for the faint of heart. The chances of being promoted to more significant positions are also extremely high. The respect and social status of positions gained through topping BPSC examinations are immense. The person who tops a BPSC examination does not have to look back in life. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take the arduous but productive step of appearing in Mock Tests. The edge this practice will give you over other BPSC exam candidates is worth its weight in gold. More importantly, this is very relevant information and is not known by most candidates for the BPSC examination. It is said that knowledge is power. Therefore, it makes sense for you to act on this newfound knowledge and appear for the BPSC Mock test examination.