Many are complaining about their failure in the JAIIB exams in spite of lots of effort they had put into the preparation. This article is for all those who are facing a similar problem and do want a solution. Look, if you have failed to score good marks in this exam, then there would surely have been some areas where you lacked your preparation. You have to identify those loopholes first and then work on them. Preparing all over again without knowing where were you mistaken will again lead you to failure. So, sit back and think calmly about where had you been weak in your preparation. Below are the top 10 areas where most of the candidates fall weak and thus they can not score good marks. Read them and identify your weak area:

  1. Conceptual clarity
  2. Understanding the demand for the paper
  3. Revision
  4. Consistency
  5. Previous year questions
  6. Proper rest
  7. Meditation
  8. Mocks
  9. Right approach
  10. Time management 

1. Conceptual clarity - You can not solve any question if you do not have proper conceptual clarity. Many students think they can solve the question by just learning a few formulae and this is their biggest mistake. This silly mistake leads to failure. So first understand the concept and then start solving the questions.

2. Understanding the demand of the paper - Many students never read the syllabus. They just join the coaching institute and keep studying what is delivered in the class. If you do not understand the syllabus, then how will you be able to put your effort in the right direction.

3. Revision - Some students lack in this area which is the most important. It is said that revision is more important than studying. Make a proper timetable keeping aside a fixed time for revision as well.

4. Consistency - Consistency is the key to success. You should be consistent in your preparation. You should daily devote a fixed time in the preparation for this exam.

5. Previous year's questions - Try solving as many questions of the previous year's papers as you can. This will help you in understanding the pattern of the questions that appear in the exam.

6. Proper rest - It is not that you keep studying all day and night and do not take a rest. Mental health is also important.

7. Meditation - it is advisable to meditate on a regular basis. Meditation helps to bring the mind to peace. Therefore you will be able to study at a stretch without being disturbed.

8. Mocks - This is yet another area where most candidates fall back. You should give mocks as much as you can. This increases your confidence as well as speed and accuracy. Also, analyze the answers after giving the mocks. You will get to know which areas you need to work upon.

9. Right approach - Many students fail to follow the right approach. Understand your capability, your learning skill, and problem-solving skill, and work according to them.

10. Time management - Time management is an essential element. Focus on this also.

So these were the few areas where you can improve your preparations.

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