BPSC conducts the competitive exam which includes three stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview, Candidates who qualify Prelims and Mains are called for an Interview. Candidates who passed the interview are selected for different posts on a merit basis.

These are the following top posts in BPSC:

1. Bihar Administrative Service: The objective of Bihar Administrative Service is to promote the Social, Cultural, Professional and developmental needs of the societies in general and members of the service in particular.

The posts under Bihar Administrative Service are full of responsibilities. The officers have to be on duty even at night during certain times. Under these posts, the candidates are appointed as Senior Deputy Collector, Circle Officer.

Along with responsibilities, the salary of SDP is also high. The starting salary of SDP is 61,500 INR.

2. Bihar Police Service: Bihar Police Service is the law enforcement agency of Bihar. Bihar Police Service is the second most responsible post after Bihar Administrative Service.

Under these posts, candidates are appointed as Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP). The duty of the DSP is to monitor law and order in the area. DSP has to be on the calls of duty all the time to maintain the smooth functioning of the police department.

He is responsible for actions taken by the police.

The Gross Salary of DSP is 75,000 to 94,000 INR

3. Bihar Financial Service: Bihar Financial Service is concerned with all economic and financial matters affecting the State. Finance Officers have to look upon the financial operation of the state. It is the duty of a Finance officer to ensure no irregularity in finance operations.

Under these posts, Candidates are appointed as Commercial Tax Officers. The officer has to assure the tax collection of the Government and related affairs.

The average pay scale of a Commercial Tax Officer is 60,000 INR.

4. Product Inspector: Every year, production in large quantities takes place in every state. Product Inspector inspects and tests the materials and equipment produced by a company. It is the duty of a Product Inspector to remove products that don't meet the standards and recommend strategies to improve them.

Grade pay in the department is 42,000 INR.

5. Rural Development Officer: Rural Development is necessary for the overall development of the State. BPSC appoints officers as Rural Development Officers to look after the development of rural areas. 

Rural Development Officers promote local innovations. They guide the rural development project team to bring results.

The average salary of a Rural Development Officer is 9.300 to 34,800 INR with 5400 as grade pay.

6. District Minority Welfare Officer: To ensure equity in the state, BPSC recruits Minority Welfare Officers to look after the matters of minorities. The duty of the Minority Welfare Officer is to promote schemes for the development of minorities.

The salary of a Block Minority Welfare Officer is 43,400 INR.

7. Employment Officer: Every government wants to generate more and more employment to increase the per capita income of the state and to increase the standard of living of the citizens. For the same purpose, BPSC appoints an Employment Officer who looks over the matters of employment in his area.

The Employment Officer provides data to the government about Employment Ratio, Self Employment etc which helps the government in the planning.

For the position of Employment officer, candidates will be getting pay of 18,030 to 43,630 INR. 

8. Bihar Labour Service: The state has various industrial units and many workers work in these units. To ensure the rights of these workers are protected, BPSC appoints Labour Officers to look after such matters. 

The duty of Labour officers is to prevent and settle industrial disputes and to ensure the implementation of Labour Rules and Laws. 

The salary of a Bihar Labour Officer is 15,600 to 39100 INR with grade pay of 5400 INR

9. Sugarcane Officer: Sugarcane is one of the major commercial crops grown on the farms of Bihar. To look after the matters of the sugarcane industry,  the government appoints Sugarcane Officers.

The main function of these officers is to promote quality sugarcane cultivation and ensure timely payments to farmers. The department has to ensure that the rights of sugarcane farmers are protected.

The salary of a Sugarcane officer is 9300 TO 34800 INR with grade pay of 4800 INR.