It’s time to give a boost to your confidence and start with the preparations for JAIIB/CAIIB


The world is experiencing a profound humanitarian fallout due to the covid-19 crisis. With time, it is becoming potentially destructive to the economy. At the same time, bankers around the world are fighting against this pandemic. Myonlineprep salutes the bankers who are working tirelessly even during this critical stage.

In order to combat this pandemic, it is essential to repeatedly maintain cleanliness. Following the guidelines by WHO will help to combat the pandemic to a great extent. Stay at home and pay attention to the cleanliness.

In case you feel unwell or develop even mild symptoms like headache or a slightly running nose, stay away from others and visit the nearby medical facility. Pay attention to social distancing and try to stay as isolated as possible. Even if you develop slight symptoms like cough, fever, difficulty in breathing or chest pain, seek medical help from the nearby health centres. Moreover, call in advance and let your health provider stay informed about you, your recent travel history or contact with travellers.



Adversity is Opportunity

When the country has announced a lockdown, the bankers are still entitled to work. as per govt directive, the banking services will remain open till the first half. Hence bankers who are going to attempt JAIIB & CAIIB in May/June should utilize the second half of the time in preparing for the exams. Those who have already cracked the JAIIB & CAIIB exam should go for some skills development program in online mode.

Presently, there is uncertainty about the postponement of the JAIIB/ CAIIB Exam. In case the exam doesn't get postponed then, why should you take the risk? So, it's time to start preparing for the exam.

If it gets postponed, then you will get extra time to prepare. No matter whether the exam gets postponed or not, it's essential to stick to the routine and utilise the other half time for the preparation. Hence do not waste time.

Since our nation and most of the other countries around the globe have announced a lockdown to combat this pandemic, so it's time to utilize the span for the preparation of JAIIB/CAIIB. Since both the examinations are knocking at the door, it's crucial to start preparing now.



How to start with the preparation and utilise time effectively?

The aspirant must go through the analysis of every single topic to tackle the hectic process of preparation. Besides, you must be motivated enough to boost confidence and stay dedicated to preparation. Pay utmost attention to following proper guidance, mock test, pattern, and study materials even if you have started with the preparation pretty late. It’s good to remember that these competitive exams witness a higher number of aspirants and professional competitors.

It's a well-known fact that some people are busy with their work-from-home schedules and it becomes a tough time for them to manage both study and the office tasks. Regardless of whether you are an employee or a student, you must not waste this time. Rather, pick the slots for preparing with the online portal.

Myonlineprep will guide you through every inch of the preparation. You needn't worry about it. Just make sure to divide the time for your office work/ household chores, online preparation, self-study, and mock tests.

The course that is offered by Myonlineprep is structured based and it is narrated with the help of slides. Besides, you will get test papers that help to grasp the syllabus comprehensively. What's more significant is that the users get the opportunity to verify the correctness of the answers. The course is guided by bankers who have developed experience over the years. These tests will mark the overall performance assessment.

The course preparation will also guide you through the point that is based on current development related to the Banking and Finance sector. In addition to the online classes, the candidates can utilize the time to refer to the financial newspapers and periodicals that include topics related to bank quests. Since the exams are conducted online in an MCQ pattern, the aspirants must pay attention to knowledge tests, logical expression, problem-solving, conceptual grasping and case analysis.During this lockdown, it's essential you properly utilize your time when you are at home.

Myonlineprep advises all those bankers who are going to attempt May/June 2020 JAIIB & CAIIB exams, should preciously utilize their time in such lockdown. Always remember that adversity allows us the opportunity to find out what we are capable of, to develop our strengths, and access aspects of ourselves that we did not know existed and inner resources we didn’t know we had.


Final word

Stay cautious and take care of your health.  When the bankers are at the bank dealing with numerous customers, it becomes essential to take care of health. There's a high chance of coming in contact with the infected people and getting infected. Take maximum caution in following the preventive measures to ensure safety towards health. Stay home when you are not a the bank. Stay safe! Take care of your family!