Why should we start the JAIIB and CAIIB preparation early

Junior Associate of Indian Institution Bankers (JAIIB) and Certified Associates of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) are the exams conducted by the Indian Institute of Bankers for the extra increment to its authorized bankers. The bankers who qualify in JAIIB can attempt the CAIIB which is the highest grade for any undergraduates. However, being the flagship-grade professional exams they should be cleared at the first attempt to get a faster increment. Both the exams are held twice a year thus providing a chance for every banker to get promoted to the next level with a good increment in the salary.

Aspirants who want to crack the exams in their first attempt should start preparing for the exams as soon as possible. At least 3 months of intensive preparation is needed for both commerce and non-commerce students to get qualified for the examination. The advanced syllabus pattern having core subjects and numerical problems can be mastered only if they are practised well from the core.

Reason for starting the JAIIB preparation earlier

The need for In-depth knowledge in exams

The exam pattern and the syllabus of both the exams seem easier while looking at them for the first time such that they can be completed in a week, but it’s not the case anymore with any professional exams these days. Questions that will be seen in the examinations will be important yet advanced and deeper versions of the theoretical ones that you may have studied in the respective books and materials.

If you want to build up enough potential to pass the exams then you must go for a consistent preparation for at least 3 months. Students from non-commerce backgrounds should start their preparation even earlier and should dedicate 20% more time than the commerce students.

Deeper knowledge of every single topic in the syllabus can be gained by either taking an online class preparation or classroom preparation in a reputed institute like Myonlineprep.com The reason for preferring online tutoring sites or coaching classes is that the experienced professionals in those institutes can explain each and everything clearly including the tips and strategies to solve the problems. Both of them can also be accompanied by high-quality JAIIB & CAIIB study materials to master the subjects.

The need for completing the entire syllabus

High-profile exams such as JAIIB and CAIIB are conducted to test whether the candidates are having complete knowledge about the banking sector including the required analytical skills too. In this scenario, questions are also made advanced graded thus missing no topic from the syllabus. This is the reason that one can’t miss even a single topic from the syllabus. Moreover, most candidates fail to qualify for the exam just because of the skipped topics while JAIIB & CAIIB preparation.

Clearing each and every topic with in-depth knowledge leaving no doubts regarding them in the mind is quite tough when you choose self-preparation as keeping a track of the leftover topics and the whole missed topics is not possible at a time. On the other hand, if you start late for the preparation there is no chance of getting a complete view of every subject for sure.

One must go for either a consistent online preparation where each and every topic is explained briefly by the tutors through separate slides ensuring that nothing is left behind. Classroom preparation is even better in this case as you can get a chance to interact directly with the most experienced faculty members. Attempting a series of tests for every topic and revision after completion of every unit can do its part in making sure of completion of the entire syllabus.

The need for analytical and reasoning skills

Subjects involving calculation and tons of theoretical aspects covering the banking acts and articles are hard to remember for a student from any background. If you want to start preparing them before at least 3 months then you can’t even attempt the questions in the examination. Aspirants who start the preparation just before a week from the exam need to study everything under pressure and anxiety about whether they can complete the syllabus or not. This often results in skipping many topics, leaving many doubts answered and lacking more practice which leads to disqualification.

High-grade experienced professors who have gone through respective training for both of these exams can help you with necessary tricks and tips to understand and memorize the topics until the exams. They can also help you with the required tricks to solve all kinds of problems so that you can score good marks undoubtedly.

One must join a coaching class or online classes as soon as possible to be ensured of completing every topic in the syllabus including the required skills to solve every kind of problem that is likely to appear in the question paper.

The need for proper time management skills

Management of time is the most essential requirement for such examinations as solving the entire paper containing 120 questions which also includes numerical problems and reasoning analysis too. Case studies often consume much time to understand, then solving them which leaves no time for other direct questions regarding theoretical topics. This is where one can lose more marks than the unknown questions. If you don’t want to regret such a situation after the exams then it is always better to go for tests.

JAIIB & CAIIB mock tests are the best solution for enhancing time management skills in exams. You can search for the paper’s name directly on the official site to get the questions which are fetched either from previous year's papers or else the important questions which are likely to appear in the upcoming examinations. This can also be a good revision as well as practice for the topics that are completed in the classes or studied from the study materials and books in the past.

Apart from those need to start the exam preparation earlier, there are some options such as crash courses and simplified study materials which can be helpful to a great extent. However, these are the shortcuts which can have either favourable or even adverse outcomes as well. Therefore, long-term preparation or the preparation based on the schedule of the exam is considered perfect.